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  1. This morning I watched CBS Sunday morning. On their piece on MTV, they got it wrong about reality series. PBS had The Louds. Then I watched NCIS repeats, which made me look up actors I recognized (one from General Hospital and one from White Collar). Roughly 6:15 this evening, one of my channels is running the original The Thomas Crown Affair. Then later, I can watch Dick Van Dyke repeats on MeTV.
  2. Rutger Hauer was in Lady Hawk with Michelle Pfeiffer, who was in Married to the Mob with Mercedes Ruhl, who was Tom Hanks' mother in Big, who was with Paul Newman in Road to Perdition. Next: Cher
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte Roger Federer Daniel Radcliffe Ben Affleck
  4. Born Free (seeing the blood in the water spooked me) Next: Film you would suggest for neo noir
  5. Got lousy writeups/reviews. I was very young when I saw Peter O'Toole and Richard Burton in Becket. Also read Rosemary's Baby when I was in about 3rd grade. I'm surprised you didn't mention Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark features the Nazis and Karen Allen as Marion).
  6. Nicholson was funny (and his connection to Bruce Wayne made sense - Michael Keaton was my favorite movie Batman). Didn't know Mark Hamill played the Joker. I liked Max Shreck (sp?) played by Christopher Walken and a nod to the actor who played Nosferatu as the major villain in the 2nd Batman Movie (with Michelle Pfeiffer). Still can't watch Heath Ledger and didn't like Chris Nolan's take on Batman - Tim Burton did a better job Danny DeVito turned the Penguin into a rather tragic figure.
  7. As far as Mel Gibson - he got it from his father - after Passion of the Christ (or whatever film started it all), I had someone come up to me and told me that it was true - I had nothing to do with Jesus' death. Mel Gibson's father is/was a Catholic who never accepted Vatican II - so he even told his wife at the time that she was bound for Heck. He also is a Holocaust denier. I was heartbroken when I found this out, because he was a good actor. As for the movies chosen, Family Plot would be great, and for neo-noir funny with Michelle Pfeiffer - Married to the Mob. And, there are actor
  8. In real life, Sean Young (better neo noir is K. Costner's No Way Out) is a big of a nut job. She walked around in a Catwoman costume to lobby for the role. I saw Blade Runner a few times and saw a bit of the sequel with Ryan (Reynolds or Gosling - they look alike and both are Canadian) and Harrison Ford. I was very upset with Eddie and Ben (especially Ben) for choosing Tequila Sunrise - Mel Gibson is a Jew hater.
  9. So many people don't know about all these films (just watch Jeopardy where Mr. Roberts got dumbfounded looks on the contestants). Now the updated version would be perfect for neo noir (would have chosen it over Blade Runner). TomJH, do you remember Cliff Gorman (starred in groundbreaking Boys in the Band and was an antagonist to Steven Hill on L&O) starring with Richard Crenna (very under rated actor) in a series of TV mysteries (Janek, I think it was called).
  10. I've seen both versions of Night and the City (both good in their own way; however, I'm a huge Widmark and Tierney fan, so my preference is for the earlier version). The ending of the original with Widmark is truly frightening.
  11. Roger Federer Paul Robeson Johnny Weismuller (sp?) wasn't bad looking
  12. I forgot Richard Belzer was in it (miss him on SVU). Tom Hanks had no chemistry with either women (Melanie G. and Kim C.). The story was serialized in Rolling Stone Magazine, if I recollect correctly. Satire or heavy-handed. If you want to see a great movie based on a Tom Wolfe book, watch The Right Stuff (different director). Also, more interesting topic for me. I admired astronauts since I was young. Great cast about astronauts and their wives (also Sam Shephard - died of ALS too young - as Chuck Yeager). There was an article in one of the newspapers I read the other day about who qua
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