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  1. Roman Holiday made me cry so much at the end that my babysitter had to tell my parents, when they returned, that I was inconsolable. I know that I saw No. 2333
  2. Google says that it was his daughter, Patricia in Stage Fright. He used her in many of his films (I think she is the sister in Strangers on a Train). Leaving the thread open if that is correct.
  3. I found On the Riviera on one of the FX channels. I wish they would show Wonder Man or The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (sp?) - avoid Ben Stiller version because it is a downer.
  4. https://youtu.be/kP1AFDDJoeE Loved the movie (Color of Money) - great song by Clapton and Robbie Robertson. And, since there is a thread devoted to him, what else can I say (Paul Newman)!
  5. Interesting topic. Sometimes all the makeup and technical tricks can't cover up the fact that the audience knows your old. It is embarrassing when people like Joan Crawford took her daughter's place on one of the CBS Soaps. I think it is nice on soaps when stars who started out as youngsters are allowed to continue in their roles (e.g., Robin on GH). Look, I don't know about anyone else, but my chronological age and all that comes with it is something I can't change. Some stars can't accept that (e.g., Ava Gardner in the dreadful mini series about the Roman Empire).
  6. I listened to Eddie and Jacqueline's intro but didn't watch the film. Unfortunately, I read Native Son after Ellison's The Invisible Man, which was so powerful. Ergo, I had very little sympathy for the character for many reasons. I would like to have seen what Canada Lee did with the part. I still think the book should be read.
  7. Last night I watched the remake of Father of the Bride (I've seen the Spencer Tracy original, which was better). Still, I enjoyed the film and the two leads: Diane Keaton and Steve Martin. It is touching in some parts (especially fathers' having a hard time saying "goodbye" to a married daughter), extremely funny and realistic about wedding planners and the ability of a parent to enjoy their child's wedding (where the cost is growing exponentially). The sequel (which I can also watch on demand) is just titled Father of the Bride II unlike the sequel to the Tracy version that I believe was
  8. 2001 A Space Odyssey Those guys in the Geico insurance commercial (can't remember which one - later tried to make a series about it) It's About Time (with the great comedian Imogene Coca) Before the movies about them, The Flintstones were on TV.
  9. Born Yesterday ? Blackula ? Bridezilla (TV Shows)
  10. #4 kind of looks like Frank Maxwell - he was in many TV shows but I remember him from General Hospital as a love interest for Nurse Jessica Brewer (who, in real life, was married to Jeffrey Hunter). I have no idea where the clip of #4 is from (could be a Hitchcock TV episode).
  11. Bridget Loves Bernie (TV) Shoah Yentl Avalon Exodus Keeping Up with the Steins Norman (the one with Richard Gere)
  12. I have a couple of choices. Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted because of her personal life. Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. Jon Voigt in Midnight Cowboy The four actors in Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolf (heart wrenching to watch - I felt like I was watching a boxing match with gloves on). Sal Mineo in Rebel Without a Cause Paul Newman in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Hustler, The Verdict, and Sweet Bird of Youth (plus a few others like the Young Philadelphians).
  13. Born Yesterday (Original) The Jazz Singer
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