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  1. Peter Falk Next: actor or actress who did commercials either before or after being on TV or in Movies
  2. Martin Lawrence was in Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins with James Earl Jones, who was in Sneakers with Redford, who was in both The Sting and Butch and Sundance. Next: Richard Jenkins
  3. Two featuring Audrey Hepburn: The end of Breakfast at Tiffany's but Roman Holiday really made me cry - because there was truly a Cinderella story that didn't work out (at the time the film was made, they could never get together).
  4. Last night I watched two movies with Richard Gere - Norman (too long to go into full title). It is about a man (Jewish - even though Gere isn't) named Oppenheim or Oppenheimer, who connects with the (fictional) Israeli Prime Minister (or some Israeli official). He is a lost man who needs to make money. One scene that I believe is true - Gere's character seems to have nowhere to live - he eats herring on crackers (in other words - he keeps kosher); cut to Israeli official who is dining on traif or non-kosher oysters. Gere, still great looking - should have at least been nominated for an Osc
  5. Recently watched The Jackal (remake of Day of the Jackal with Edward Fox). Good movie due to Sidney Potier and Richard Gere, but 1) too much Bruce Willis as the assassin and 2) the original movie was based on the attempted assassination of De Gaulle (plus Fox - not to be confused with his brother) wasn't so yappy.
  6. If it is flying and you don't know what it is, then it is a UFO. I've seen flying saucers (the kind you use under coffee cups) thrown across the room.
  7. Re: Vivien Leigh - which is why some people blame Olivier (and I don't want to know what went on between him and Danny Kaye) for putting or having something to do with Streetcar. She was gorgeous.
  8. Recently re-watched It's Complicated, Julie and Julia, Slap Shot and Juno. I didn't remember the ending of Juno correctly. I didn't realize that Juno was giving up her son to a couple whose husband (Jennifer Garner is the wife and Jason Bateman is the husband) wants to stay eternally youthful and, therefore, wants a divorce). Jennifer Garner gets the baby and Juno goes back to her high-school boyfriend.
  9. It Should Happen to You Bells Are Ringing Born Yesterday
  10. Wrong about Ben - but I avoid movies with rats, ants, etc. I've seen about half of them.
  11. You couldn't pay me enough money to watch a movie about a rat! I think that is Ted Danson with Howie Mandel (the film is A Fine Mess - don't think I ever saw it).
  12. Runaway Jury (Jury of your Peers) - Great film about jury selection Same with Law and Order To Kill a Mockingbird (Scout has to wear a dress, how can a black man at the time be exonerated) Justice at Nuremberg
  13. I'm sticking with movies... Recently watched Terms of Endearment, The Banger Sisters, Shall We Dance (think I mentioned that one already), and one I forgot. Some of it is so politically incorrect now. Good soundtracks on some of the films however. I wonder if Jeff Daniels got Flak for playing Flak because he cheated on Debra Winger in the movie? Sometimes people confuse actors with the roles they play.
  14. Lou Jacobi (Avalon - Thanksgiving movie) Next: (male or female - doesn't have to be an American) - served in the military
  15. Obviously for me, there are many individuals. First up, Mel Gibson because he showed his true colors over the years; also, can't watch Harry Potter (not because of anyone in the cast but because JK Rowling made negative comments about transgender women); and, alas, both Woody Allen and Roman Polanski.
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