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  1. Saw Red Violin on TV and liked it. The other night, I rewatched In and Out (the one with Tom Selleck, Kevin Kline, Debbie Reynolds, Joan Cusack and Matt Dillon). There is another movie by the same name but has nothing to do with the movie I watched. Basic plot - while accepting an Oscar, Dillon claims that Kline is gay (he and Selleck are both gay, however, they have long-term marriages to women, so don't care if they are in real life). As he has shown in many movies, Kline can literally move (does the same in A Fish Called Wanda). Re-enforces stereotypes about homosexuals, but I still lik
  2. The Maltese Falcon (Sydney Greenstreet is The Fat Man) Alan and Robin Thicke
  3. 5 Rita Morena played Tuptim (sp?) - she is Latino so nowadays people would object
  4. Wizard of Oz (1939) Shelly Winters, Julie Harris and Strother Martin
  5. Lost Horizon (both versions) And Then There Were None and Ten Little Indians (prefer early version with Walter H.) Murder on the Orient Express (the one made circa 1974 and A.F. as Hercule Poirrot) The Gods Must Be Crazy
  6. Holiday, The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby Next: Elsa Lanchester and Charles Laughton
  7. Paris Blues, From the Terrance, Mr. & Mrs. Bridge (Paul and Joanne W. - he also directed her)
  8. No Way Out (with Kevin Costner) Charade FBI Reboot Good Morning Viet Nam JFK Sunrise at Campabello Casualties of War
  9. The Narrow Margin Next: It is only a make believe land
  10. Last night, I watched several things. 1) two Dick Van Dyke Shows 2) L&O repeats from the final years 3) Tournament of Champions on Food Network (had to turn it off at 9 for two reasons - disagreed with the judges and 3rd match was too difficult to watch because I liked both competitors. They really need a Last Chance Kitchen like on Top Chef). 4) The one hour SAG awards. I think that I prediction almost every winner. There was one thing that truly annoyed me and an easy suggestion as to how to resolve it. When award shows run the list of people who died within the
  11. The above says it all. Usually, fans of the movie start complaining because it is like comfort food for them. Great cast and what I'd would expect from someone who wasn't Jewish.
  12. Dr. Kildare (both movies and TV Show) Law & Order franchise and CSI Franchises ER, Grey's Anatomy, Ben Casey, and other medical shows Don't remember if used one in Sister Kinney
  13. Chariots of Fire Jim Thorpe All American Jackson Browne Song (Running on Empty) Pride of the Yankees A League of Their Own (there is no crying in baseball, but there is running!) - Also, Geena D. and her sister run to catch the train.
  14. 9. She was in On The Riviera with Danny Kaye (and still gorgeous).
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