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  1. Last night I watched Girlfriends using TCM on demand. I remember seeing the film years ago and Melanie Mayron looks different than she did on Thirtysomething. Didn't realize Christopher Guest (took a moment to recognize him) was in the film. I thought the introduction was quite interesting and could relate to what Alicia Malone said about her not being ready to settle down (i.e., marry and have children) like many of her friends.
  2. More Dianas Next: Richard, Richard (two different people), and Albert
  3. Coal Miner's Daughter Next: Lots of classic rock music
  4. Sir Alec Guiness Next: An underrated British Actress
  5. Kathleen Hughes was in the The Glass Web with Edward G. Robinson who was in The Prize with Paul Newman. Next: Annette Bening
  6. This am/afternoon they are running West Wing reruns on TNT. They are doing it to tie into some reunited cast promo (you have to have HBO Max or something). John Spencer is still alive and nice mixture of comedy and drama. I'm not doing horror films and but I might save a couple of good films I saw on TCM until tomorrow night. One of my favorite Halloween shows is Kimmel's parents faking out their kids by saying they ate all their candy. I don't know if he will do it Monday night or if he already did it. It is bad enough about the Great Pumpkin. As an aside, while I enjoy TCM,
  7. I think Bobby Sherman was past his teens (Here Come the Brides and Julie, Julie, Julie (and Shindig) Next: Never seems to age (can be someone who didn't look it when he/she was alive)
  8. 2. I got half of it by googling, the latter two Lena M. and Willard E. are when Gloria and Oscar go out on a blind date using those phony names. I just remember liking the show so much because my sister was a slob and my Dad was a neat freak. Also like the original movie (and ends differently from the series, if I'm correct). Also checked out Jean Simmons' guest role and The Pigeon Sisters.
  9. I forgot to do Next. Has a line that you have used in real life.
  10. Laffite: Leaving it for you to answer, but I need a clarification. Did they actually have to be in their Teens to be a Teen Star?
  11. Seems Like Old Times (Chevy Chase - vending machine routine) Planes, Trains and Automobiles Runaway Jury (I think the jury is put up in a motel) Due Date (think that is the name with Robert Downey Jr.)
  12. There is a big hotel room in Topper There is a documentary called Always At the Carlyle (about the Carlyle) Oceans Eleven And then (different category), those gorgeous NYC apartments (e.g., The Women)
  13. George Pepard was in Breakfast at Tiffany's with Patricia Neal
  14. Re: Ghost Story - book is better than movie but movie was still good I love The Ghost and Mrs. Muir and also liked the TV Show with Edward Mulhare (sp?) and Hope Lange
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