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  1. Kyle in Hollywood, thank you so much!! I've been lamenting the impending loss of satellite radio since Christmas... and I still have it until February of '12, lol. The link you shared will surely get a good workout from me!
  2. RayFaiola, I did indeed hear it! But thanks for the link to the audio... I've used the archive.org site for old films and websites... I never thought before to look there for old radio shows! Thanks!!
  3. PrinceSaliano, I'd not heard of that film so out of curiosity I googled for it. It can be found on youtube. Not sure if it's actually in the public domain so I'm leary of linking directly to it but it's listed as "Vincent Price's Service de Luxe".
  4. At this moment I am listening to Vincent Price as "The Saint" on Radio Classics channel on XM/Sirius radio. I remembered reading this thread earlier in the month so when I heard the announcer mention "Vincentennial" I searched to see if there was a page/information I could share here. http://www.vincentennial.com/ Unfortunately, I'm late to the party and much of the info on this page for showings in St. Louis is of little use but some interesting things none-the-less. http://gregbellmedia.com/ This second page is that of the Radio Classics channel announcer, Greg Bell. About
  5. :-) I was afraid of that... it being set further back in time (50's/60's). There are an awful lot of people to consider in the beginnings of rock 'n roll. And so many that even those who were instrumental here or there or critical to any number of names we will know historically.... that many get "lost". I'll keep thinking and digging, as I said, my curiosity is piqued.
  6. I, too, thought of Neil Diamond but dismissed him due to the fact that he hasn't come to an end due to drugs/drinking career or otherwise.
  7. I'm not really sure if this is it but your description called to my mind What We Do Is Secret about Darby Crash of punk rock band the Germs. I believe this was release late last year. I have to say it also made me think first of the Ramones. The only thing that throws me is the "supported by religious jews" part. I just don't know enough of the history of either of these bands to know if that was true for either. Hope you figure it out because now I'm curious! Did your pal like the film?
  8. Hi, I recently spotted in some reading the invention of the boom microphone being credited to two different people. At imdb in the bio for Lionel Barrymore he is credited with the invention of it. It gives no further info... no approximate timing, circumstance, etc. On a blog I read a blurb on a Suzanne Simoni book entitled Fantastic Female Filmmakers where it indicates this information is within the book: Dorothy Arzner invented the boom mike circa 1920. Which is correct, if either? Anyone have some factual history of this invention... resources, links for study? Than
  9. Wonderful actor, admirable man - rest well.
  10. I guess this is a topic no one wants to delve into considering there's been no response in three months time. I applaud your bravery for posting it and broaching the subject. It's curious and conflicting - the whole idea of bootlegging (anything). There'd be no bootlegging (of anything) if there weren't a measure of demand and other factors such as low supply and/or high cost. These days there doesn't seem to be much risk in bootlegging (anything) regardless of the fact that it is illegal. (And, it appears, the less threatening something is... such as selling copies of old movies tha
  11. Happened to catch this in the wee hours this morning. Very interesting and funny! Loved the ending. Enjoyed the credits... "...would like to thank (insert moderately long list of entities such as the Buckle Up For Safety Club, etc.)... without whose cooperation this motion picture was made." Teehee!
  12. Part of your description reminds me of The Man I Married with Joan Bennett as the wife and Francis Lederer as the husband. I've only seen this film a couple of times and, for the life of me, I cannot recall much of the movie, particularly the ending or a part where the man finds out a relative of his was a Jew. I do recall they go to Germany and he takes very well to things while his wife does not.
  13. I know this isn't animation shown on TCM but I wanted to call attention to this news I ran across: DreamWorks Animation has ended it's partnership with Aardman Animation (Wallace & Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit, and Flushed Away) likely due to finances. Aardman Animation wants to continue on with claymation rather than computer animation. The very short article includes this quote from a spokesman for Aardman, "We always knew that America would be a hard task for us -- we're a very English company. ... We think part of our strength is our English sense of humor and we want to conti
  14. Klaatu, thanks for sharing that... it elicited an honest-to-goodness, outloud giggle here. :-)
  15. I'd have to throw my hat in the ring for Joseph Cotten in Shadow of a Doubt. I wanted to like "Uncle Charlie" just as young "Charlie" did before getting wise. I think Cotten did a magnificent job. Cotten was also in three episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, with only one having been directed by Hitchcock (according to the info at imdb). (Robert Altman directed another and I'm not sure who on the third one.) Ah, I wish AHP was running!
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