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  1. Thank you so much for the details MilesArcher. Greatly appreciated. It sounds well worth pursuing. And the mystery of the ghost pilots lives on.
  2. I have wanted to see this movie ever since I found it being debated by Colonel Needham (sp?) et al @ Stump the Staff on the imdb (and I didn't even have the pleasure of being freaked out by it as a child). I have it on <somewhat><mabye><perhaps> good advice there could be a woman in it at the end when the plane crash area is discovered so don't rule that out. I may have missed something here but did someone actually watch and verify that it is NOT Come in Razor Red (1960) from Armchair Theatre ? I know it was dismissed but is that 100%? Before I try to watch
  3. Wanted: 36 Hours type movie that aired on TCM Memorial Day weekend in 2008 I could be way off with this one. Sadly I fell asleep without at least taking a photo of the tv screen so I could track it down later. I checked the TCM site when I returned from vacation in Hawaii with no luck. Nothing in their online schedule seemed to match. All I saw of this black & white flick before heading for the land of nod was.. Several english speaking doctor type men fussing over a (br/scot?) english speaking patient They leave the patient and retire to another room where they start
  4. Wanted: TV docudrama plane crash movie with stop drop and roll scene I remember very little about this movie - just a dramatic scene near the end of the film. The survivors, to escape burning flames, are told or encouraged to stop drop and roll. Sadly nobody realized that jet fuel was all over the ground which made this direction deadly. I can only guess it would have aired on tv in the 80s or 90s. Any help appreciated. gg
  5. WANTED: WWII MOVIE WITH A BROKEN RECORD AND PENCIL WITH A HIDDEN PAPER INSIDE It is a b&w movie from the 40s-60s, probably British, from an outfit like Rank. It has POW elements to it I think, Birdmen/Colditz type situation w/international POWs, higher type building rather than wood huts. The one scene I vividly remember that is the key to locating it: The prisoners smash a 78rpm on the table which is quite a shock and seems like a waste of limited resources of items you have in captivity until they pull out something hidden from under the record label (map? money? not
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