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  1. Ditto everything you wrote. I have all those collections, too, and agree with your opinion of Shearer.
  2. Joan Crawford is hard to beat, especially when photographed by George Hurrell. However, IMO her beauty started to wane early. Not that she still wasn't beautiful, but by 1940 or so, her face started to get longer or something...not sure how to explain it, but I can see it. Greta Garbo and Carole Lombard were stunning, too. I've always thought Madge Evans was lovely. Possibly my favorite photo in the screen saver I made of classic stars is of Louise Brooks. However, in other photos, I'm not as impressed. Unpopular opinion - I've never found Jean Harlow to be all that beaut
  3. I've complained about this before, but one more time...I wish TCM would give up the majority of their "themes". SOTM fine. Holiday appropriate movies on the holiday, great. A random evening every now and then with a guest programmer or whatever, knock themselves out. But drop the daily/nightly themes. They aren't necessary.
  4. I like it when actors with southern accents let their accents slip. I've noticed Joseph Cotten's, Irene Dunne's, & Una Merkel's quite often.
  5. Notorious. Cary Grant & Ingrid Bergman had wonderful chemistry. Claude Rains is one of my special favorites, too.
  6. As Time Goes By is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. I also liked a rather short-lived seris called The Cafe. Are You Being Served has its moments, but something about the appearance of those actors creeps me out.
  7. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were saying these actors are on death's doorstep or point a finger at you specifically. I, too, hope they make it to 100. My comment was sort of a joke, as in discussing the possibility of them living to be 100 is bad luck - a jinx. My grandmother turned 90 on Dec 29th. Other than mobility issues, she is in good health and mind. However, if she lives another 3 years or so she will run out of money and won't be able to afford to live own her own anymore. Living to such a ripe old age can have its disadvantages.
  8. Angie Dickinson and her Police Woman costar, Earl Holliman, are also still alive, but it seems like bad juju to be composing such a list.
  9. I guess I'm hard to please because I don't especially like it. I don't have a problem with who or who wasn't included, and the photos were nice. However, I thought it was a bit hard to follow. It seemed to move too fast, but maybe that's because I didn't recognize the majority of them by their photos and thus, had to read their names and professions in the scant time allotted. The yellow print isn't easy to read, and I don't care for the song. I don't exactly begrudge Christopher Plummer the final shot, but I think it should have gone to Jane Powell because, IMO, she is more representative o
  10. I'm glad you mentioned this one. I've been thinking about reading it, specifically listening to it during my commute, but I wasn't so sure I'd like it so I've been pushing it to the bottom of the list in favor of other titles. Now, I'll definitely give it a try.
  11. I've always loved Dinner at Eight (1933). The Barrymore brothers, Jean Harlow, Marie Dressler, Lee Tracy, Wallace Beery, Billie Burke...the wonderful cast goes on and on.
  12. I wonder how much damage to the environment these space jaunts cause...
  13. I only saw the last 1/3 of it. Can say it was my thing and why it would be considered "classic" escapes me. If it had to be aired, it should have been in the middle of the night, not in the primetime slot. It would have fit better on PBS during one of their fund raising drives. I did enjoy her contribution to the introduction of the following movie, though.
  14. I'll go with Stanwyck. She could do it all. Bette Davis is among my favorites, too, but she had a great many affectations and could sometimes be over the top. Besides, I cannot imagine Bette on a cattle drive.
  15. Perhaps, a hologram would intrigue young viewers, too. Win-win.
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