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  1. Wow , what a great thread idea. *bravo* It made me wonder is there a film that represents the nursing profession as it is now? I can't think of any... All the films I have seen remind me of what nursing may have been 40 years ago but certainly not now. I love Patricia Neal as John Wayne's nurse or when Maureen O'Hara played a nurse but these two are unfortunately not what it is today Although my husband says I should start wearing all white and that cute little hat...at work that is...lol Classicfan
  2. I adore Cary Grant. I don't think there is anyone in today's Hollywood that can be matched up against Cary Grant. (Just my opinion) Some of my favorites are: Topper The Aweful Truth His Girl Friday Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Operation Petticoat Father Goose and of course many more but these come to mind ATM. There were several movies listed below that I have never seen. I am looking forward to seeing them on TCM this month. Thank God for TVO Classic Fan
  3. The Birdcage Blazing Saddles Young Frankenstein Bringing Up Baby History of The World Spaceballs Robin Hood Men In Tights Monty Python's Holy Grail Some Like It Hot
  4. Some New Year's Eve movies that I've watched in the past are: The Apatment The Poseidon Adventure Made For Each Other When Harry Met Sally and After The Thin Men That's all I can think of for now off the top of my head. This year I had to work so I couldn't watch any of my faorites that night =(
  5. BarneyFike - Well, just about every scene LOL Seriously though, when Jenny tells him he has a son (this gets me) and again when she dies =(
  6. I am so emotional that I cry very easy and sometimes it isn't really sad but it is where I am that day emotionally ( I don't know if that made any sense) but when a movie makes my husband cry I know it has to be a really really sad movie. Here's a list of some movies that make me bawl. Of Mice and Men Glory Made For Each Other It's A Wonderful Life Beaches The Champ Waterloo Bridge Galipolli Shop Around The Corner Day of The Dolphin Glenn Miller Story Always and A Guy Named Joe Ghost Imitation of Life Philadelphia Madame X Stella Dallas Goodbye Mr. Chips Mr Hollands Opus Immortal Beloved Forrest Gump Life IsBeutiful and I could list many more =) I just love movies. Listing these titles makes me want to go watch one lol. Classicfan
  7. Hello fellow Posters, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I don't know how to get my family or my husband's family to understand what to get us for Christmas. We love movies and books. I have told them this time and time again and yet they still insist on getting us a cookie jar or a mug. Personally, I can't walk into a video store or a book store without picking out 30 or 40 things I want. Same with hubby. We have many interests old/classic movies being probably the one thing we love the most and collect. Yet each and every year (13 years now) we get the same el stinko gifts. I don't want to sound ungreatful. I love my family. I enjoy spending time with them. They are wonderful people, but I just wish if they are going to spend 20 or 30 dollars anyway it might as well be on something I am not going to return, or sell at the garage sale next summer. Now I have given them lists of several things I wish for. (usually it has a bunch of classic movies to pick from and book titles I want) I have dropped hints throughout the year..such as "pst..I'm a Jimmy Stewart fan..I'd love to own Rope..*Cough*" .and yet they still insist on getting me whatever they want to anyway. I even have said get me a gift certificate to DVD planet or Barnes and Nobles or anywhere that sells movies/ books/ computer games etc... I even tell them my favorite actors.. Heck get me a new release I'd love to see Lady In The Water or Fearless... I think I am pretty easy to buy for. Hubby was a marine and loves old war movies.. we have said get home some classic war movies. He wants Great Escape on DVD or Operation Petticoat. but....Nooooo we get another cookie jar. We have about 7 in the closet. I don't know how many cookies they think we eat.. LOL This year was one of the worst years for gifts. (sorry venting here) At least last year they bought us a couple of movies.(1st time ever) Last year I got Scrooged and Elf. Hubby got Hell Is For Heroes. This year we came home with a wodden coat rack, a clock that is hiddious, COOKIE JAR and a plain uncented candle. (This from hubby's family) My family was a little better... not much though...We came home with a stuffed moose...my mother thought it was cute..mind you I don't collect them or have anything like it in my home...and hubby got a tree orniment with his favorite football team logo on it. At least these gifts took some thought. I know I sound a bit ungreatful and I kind of went off on a tangent but truely I am not ungreatful. I know there are people who get nothing but quite honestly I'd rather get nothing. We are not subtle people with saying things that we want. Especially since we don't buy these things for ourselves throughout the year. I look forward to Christmas because I can get some gifts I have been wanting but maybe can't afford. Such as an Alfred Hitchcock collection **drool* How do you get your family members to buy you these movies? I think next year I will have to buy hubby the movies he wants and he the ones I want and like every other year we will have a new cookie jar for the closet. Wishing we had some new movies, Classicfan
  8. I enjoy Pride of The Yankees, Hoosiers and The Replacements. Of course Rudy is another favorite, If it is on TV it doesn't matter what I am doing I have to stop and watch it no matter where in the movie it is. The original Angels In The Outfield and A Leauge of Their Own "There's no crying in baseball!" Lol
  9. Every Christmas we watch the same movies. I look forward to them every year. We watch : It's a Wonderful Life (My Favorite), March of the Wooden Soldiers, The Shop Around the Corner, White Christmas (We usually watch White Christmas Christmas Eve.) and the week leading up to Christmas we watch all of our holiday Christmas type movies such as Trapped In Paradise, "classic cartoon" Rudolph, Frosty ect.. , Christmas Vacation, Miracle On 34th St, and Scrooged. I love this time of year and these movies are so great to snuggle on the couch and watch with a hot cup of hot coa coa. Yum Yum !! Happy Holidays All.
  10. OK I guess I'll go first I love Don Knotts movies~ The Incredible Mr. Limpet and The Shakiest Gun In The West Lol How about you Bobhopefan1940? I notice you didn't fess up
  11. James Stewart- Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation- It's A Wonderful Life- Jackpot William Powell- Thin Men and Life WIth Father Spencer Tracy- Father of The Bride
  12. My favorite actors are: James Stewart, William Powell and Spencer Tracey and my favorite actresses are Myrna Loy, Katharine Hepburn, Maureen O'Hara
  13. Young Frankenstien Blazing Saddles History of The World Part 1 Groundhog Day What About Bob Christmas Vacation Funny Farm Spaceballs Harvey Bringing Up Baby
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