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  1. A woman screaming, looking out the back window of a bus? I am *actually* asking for a friend. lol He's going nuts trying to think of it, and it's sparking a vague memory for me, but it's not clicking.
  2. Hello, fellow movie lovers! A few years ago, I saw an old movie on TCM...war time, I believe, black and white...it involved a small group of people stumbling upon a small, European town, not recorded on any map. Idyllic on the surface, it was heavily regimented and there was a secret, nefarious lab. I can't remember what it was called. Do you? Another one I can't recall the title of: I think it was French, but don't quote me on that. Also black and white....young adult brother and sister....the sickly mother dies and the brother has a weird, manipulative hold over the sister.
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