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  1. No Shear, thanks for the response and you are absolutely right--I am too close to the subject, but I do wish that the movie was a more accurate portrayal of Special Forces in Viet Nam and how it operated.
  2. I do not think The Green Berets is a good movie to show on Memorial Day. There are far better ones which I mentioned in my post, but I did omit one that shows the reality of war and the cost -- We Were Soldiers, based on the book, We Were Soldiers Once, and Young, by Joe Galloway and Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore, the former being a reporter caught up in the fight in the Ia Drang Valley and the latter being the Battalion Commander who led his battalion in the fight, one of the best officers in the war. I recall that Hal Moore retired as a Lieutenant General For me, Memorial Day is a day for reflection and remembering my fellow soldiers and the sacrifices they have made through the years of our Republic.
  3. On May 23 TCM aired The Green Berets starring John Wayne for Memorial Day weekend. I was a Green Beret in Viet Nam in 1965-66 in the 5th Special Forces Group on two teams, B23 and A235, later designated as A304. The movie is a joke and I was somewhat offended that you would choose this movie full of erroneous information about the war and Special forces role in it to honor veterans. I won't belabor the errors in the movie, but do want to cite one that stood out for me in the first 30 minutes as that's all I could watch. A Teams were designated by the Corps area they served in i.e. 2 Corps teams had the first letter as 2, such as in A235. Those in I corps would then have the designation as A107 or A109 and so forth. One of the teams in the movie was designated as A107, as I recall. And the colonel played by John Wayne had teams in I corps as they were so designated with the first number being 1, yet he said that at least one of these teams was on the Cambodian border. The geography is wrong as all of I Corps has a border with Laos, not Cambodia which is to the south and borders 2, 3 and 4 Corps, the Central Highlands, the area around Saigon and the Mekong Delta respectively. I have watched all of the movie before and did note that the ending was the sun setting over the South China Sea -- too bad as the South China sea is on the east of Viet Nam, where the sun rises, but does not set. Why not choose a Vietnam war movie that was honest, such as Hamburger Hill, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Coming Home and so forth, not a movie that had so many things wrong and was a strictly propagandistic piece.
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