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  1. It is not the web site that I am, as a Mac user, having a problem with. The video clips that they had a year ago all played on my machine. Now only one or two will play. Microsoft isn't supporting Windows Media Player for macintosh anymore, and for what ever reason, TCM is re-recording all their video clips to only play on the newer version of windows Media Player. I told them just to save the old ones and put them in a file labeled for mac users, but they won't do that. Just like me, I grew up with Macintosh, and I guess we will go out together. As far as the South goes, I must say when
  2. June 14, 1997, I was having a massive heart attack, and ended up in St. John's Hospital ER, Santa Monica CA. When I was regaining some conscience, I turned my head and noticed that they were bringing a new patient next to me. I didn't recognize the patient (Janet Leigh) right off but I did recognize Jamie Lee Curtis. She was haggard and worried. I thought I was in wonderland, And Jamie if you are reading this crap, I had a few conversations with your father at UCLA.
  3. I am 66 years old. Just hang on to what ever you have to hold on to and see if I am right. I am a former AF Navigator, and there are a lot of pictures of my work in the 60's Life magizines. I am not dead yet, but I can still remember when there was no TV.
  4. I knew that the Turner library incluced over 3,000 movies, but I think they were MGM and some other producer. Anyway that's not the point. Ever since Turner re-designed his web site he eleminated MAC users, as Micorsoft is no longer supporting Macintosh. The first Star Wars Movie was produced on Macintosh computers, as they were the only ones that could produce the graphis that were required. Now I have a dinasoaur, from the first Mac.II ci. till now with a Mac. G5. the next generation is going to have pentium processors. All I need to do is go to the mall and buy a Dell computer and spend ano
  5. So sorry, dear, I hadn't read that far back. Hope you have a Happier New Year.
  6. You can go to MOVIE DATABASE, and type in the title and have it search for it. Remember this is only the Turner collection. The rest they rent.
  7. Do you want the commercial breaks too? That's when I quit watching AMC. I guess I have been around too long. AMC used to be like TCM without commercial breaks. But they are both going down the road to commercialization. You are just going to have to pay a little more and get the newer services that play what you want, or get a Video Hounds book and go rent the movies you want to watch at the video store. If you were really smart you would have gone out in 1976 and bought yourself an 8mm VCR, that bypasses all the encryption on those tapes and DVD's. That's why they don't sell them anymore. You
  8. Now that "you all" had a chance to dump on my post, it appears that there are not too many Mac users out there who care. I got an e-mail from tech support telling me all the software they were not supporting anymore, and how hard they were working to re-record all their video into the new format. My answer to them was why not save all those old files that used to play on mac. and put up a button for Mac users! I try not to get personal in my posts to this site, but I see that people from So. Carolina do. Spent some time there in the AF. in 1961, as a navigator. Don't have any good memories of
  9. Here it is Dec. 5, 06, and tonight not one of your broadband videos would play on my Mac G5. What a sorry comentary for your worthless programers. Yours is the only Web site that won't play video on my machine. If you take in to account how much I paid for this computer, the software upgraded, and the packages of software I have installed, it comes to over 5,000 dollars. It's like your movies, everyone is dead to get on TCM. You should change it to TDC. I don't waist my time there anymore, because I have all the movies I like on tape or DVD. And who is doing your programming during the past 5
  10. I went through your entire video offerings tonight and found the following. Only three videos would play on my mac. they were "Follow the Fleet". "Wild Guitar (title credits)", The Sadist (Charley murders two cops}. There were about 2 or 3 others that played once, but wouldn't play twice. I just don't know what you are doing. It all started when you "re-designed your web site" I guess you just don't care about the 20% of people who are mac users. That 20% comprise the most educated and successful people who use computers. So just go ahead and get some tech's from the local trade school who l
  11. I would also like to add, that maybe you could set up an open forum for mac users to discuss our problems live with your tech's.
  12. On my brothers Windows machine the setting is in the upper left of the screen, and it is selected to brodband. As far as all the bs about you re-recording all your videos, maybe you are doing something wrong. Why don't you give a call to AMC and see how they are able to provide video clips (much longer than yours) that play without any problems on mac. and pc. As far as having to re-record your movie clips to support mac. why don't you just save yourself the time and use the old ones. They worked just fine. Or if the pc market is moving forward that fast. just add a button for OLD MAC, save yo
  13. I have had the same problem for a long time and it seems to just keep going down hill. I have osX 10.4.8, latest WM player 9, (the end of the line), and Quick time and use Flip4mac. Less than 1/3 of your video files will play, when a year ago 95% would play. My brother has a Windows machine, and the videos now don't look as good as they did a year ago on his machine. The video and audio are not in sinc and there are freezes and skips. I have used macintosh since I got a Mac IIc, one of the first real macs. I will never change. Media and Television recognize that and their videos are super on t
  14. Hi, I was the guy that was so offencive to you, sometime back, and I hope you will understand. I am on the move now and have bought a townhome that will take me out of the current depressing siuation I am in. I talked to my doctors, and they tell me I am still suffering from Post tramatic syndrom. I don't know what that means. I want to know what the movie was where Fried Astier and Jinger Roberts, were dancing to "I am in heaven......... they used a clip of that film in the green Mile. Thank You for being such a wonderful southern Lady,
  15. I agree, they tried to re-make Invasion of the body Snatchers, with Donald Sutherland. It was actually a slightly better movie, but nothing like the original. It was a similar but different movie.
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