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  1. I really want to see "Sun Valley Serenade", I had no idea she starred in a" Little Rascals" film. "Bright Road" is really good. I have to catch her biopic starring Halle Berry as well. "Paper Doll" was also a cute short film. I like the Mills Brothers as well.
  2. She was a child/ teen silent star who died of TB at 14. There is a really good book about her and other lesser known stars that came out in 2011. I have to look up the title again. She hailed from my hometown of Chicago. There a few tributes and surviving movie clips on YouTube. She died in the 20's.
  3. This film came out in 2018, unfortunately the library DVD was faulty, and stopped mid film. I never got a chance to rewatch it. I do recall it was about a single Algerian immigrant mother raising her teenage daughters in France, and the hardships they faced. A decent film.
  4. I like a few Indian dramas and minor Bollywoods as well. Sometimes the singing and dancing get on my nerve. I came across a good but controversial film named "Sins" on YouTube last month. The Thor nbirds is kiddie stuff compared to this film. It involves a Catholic priest and village girl involved in a torrid affair. It came out around 2004. It was banned in India, that tells you how racy it is.
  5. Oceanblue

    STELLA MARIS (1918)

    It is too bad Pickford and Temple never worked together.
  6. Oceanblue

    STELLA MARIS (1918)

    I saw it on YouTube last week. I agree a very good but slightly controversial film from that era. The film highlights such substance abuse and marital discard, a rarity back then. I was shocked Unity killed herself, after killing the evil wife that nearly her to death. Now I want to see " Little Annie Roonie".
  7. I read that one of his grand daughters was officially declared dead a few years ago. She went missing back in either the late 90's or early 00's. I think her mother was his eldest daughter. That is very sad. Does his son still act? I have not heard about him in a long time.
  8. I watched it briefly. I will eventually watch the whole thing.
  9. I found out, that she also married 3X. Her last marriage ended in divorce . I have to check the fan site again, but I believe his widow Debbie remarried a few months after their son was born. So did Linda. However, neither of their .marriages lasted very long. I recall Linda stating her 2nd hubby beat her. That's good she got rid of the jerk. Does anyone know if Tyrone Power Jr.,is still married, or did he marry? Does anyone e know about Romina?
  10. I have not seen Zorro since I was a young girl in the 90's. The Rains Came is excellent. I have seen a little bit of the Razor movie.
  11. You know Harry is wearing pearls now,
  12. You think he's a bozo jerk in that, watch " A Yank in the RAF. He is a double moron in that one.
  13. His costars were Rita Moreno, Agnes Moorehead, Susan Hayward, and Sam Egan. The plot revolves around Irish settlers in South Africa . Has anyone seen it? It looks interesting.
  14. On the same note, James Dean did an anti-speeding public announcement ,a few months before he died.
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