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  1. I saw one DVD from the library, I hope to see more down the road.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. Have you seen both versions?
  3. There is a 90's biopic entitled "Center Stage", it focuses on the life of Ryan Lingyu. She was popular in the 20's and 30's. A few of her films are on YT according to fans. I have never seen any. She committed suicide at 24, it was rumored her turmoil was caused by cruel tabloid rumors. Nearly 90 years later, somethings never change. To be honest, I do like to read the rag mags myself. But I hate vicious slander. I have the DVD. Her life is interesting.
  4. I started watching them in 2013. I get them from the library.. Most are pretty good.
  5. The movie starred Mary Astor, William Holden, Ann Harding, and Hedda Hopper. I never knew Hedda was an actress, prior to her celebrity gossip career. The plot revolved around a middle class man engaged to a socialite. The film was pretty good. The sets were amazing.
  6. There is a mention of the ice being painted black in the film, glad to know the reason.
  7. No it is not a documentary, but at the end there is vintage footage of the ice skater.
  8. I think her estranged brother coauthored the bio. I read that it contained many falsehoods, still I would like to read it.
  9. Caesar co starred in a few of her films as well. He was also good pals with Tyrone.
  10. I would like to see Wintertime, in addition to Sun Valley Serenade. In the second film, Dorothy Dandridge and the Nicholas Brothers make cameos.
  11. I just saw her 2018 biopic Sonja: White Swan . Has anyone ever read her memoir or biographys? I admire her skating, and think her movies are fun to watch. I did not know Tyrone Powers was one of her beaus , until I took an interest in his career last year. I know they made a few films together. Getting back to her biopic, I would rate it a 6. Her parents were well heeled. Her dad made his fortune in brush manufacturing and furs. Her mom was born with a silver spoon. She and her brother Leif bought property in Oceanside, and named it Heineland. It is still around. Furthermor
  12. I think the movie came out in 1917, but I the title was " Why Change Your Wife"? Since I only saw her in" Sunset Blvd", I was not too familiar with her work. The movie was really cute and interesting. In addition, I am also a Chicago girl, and only live a few blocks from the former Essanay studios where she started the genesis of her career. I believe Gloria was raised around Wrigley Field which is also a few miles away. If I am not mistaken, her home is still there.
  13. I really want to see "Sun Valley Serenade", I had no idea she starred in a" Little Rascals" film. "Bright Road" is really good. I have to catch her biopic starring Halle Berry as well. "Paper Doll" was also a cute short film. I like the Mills Brothers as well.
  14. She was a child/ teen silent star who died of TB at 14. There is a really good book about her and other lesser known stars that came out in 2011. I have to look up the title again. She hailed from my hometown of Chicago. There a few tributes and surviving movie clips on YouTube. She died in the 20's.
  15. This film came out in 2018, unfortunately the library DVD was faulty, and stopped mid film. I never got a chance to rewatch it. I do recall it was about a single Algerian immigrant mother raising her teenage daughters in France, and the hardships they faced. A decent film.
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