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  1. Great!!I missed that one, thank you.
  2. In My Dream is Yours (1949) Doris Day was in radio. Also starred Jack Carson, Eve Arden, Lee Bowman and Adolphe Menjou.
  3. Yes, Bernadette does die at the end. I agree that was beautiful part
  4. Thank you Jamesjazzguitar, I’ve seen Mildred Pierce over and over but glued to Joan so I will watch it again to see Veda, Thanks!
  5. HelenBaby2; I love that movie The Hideout and I never thought of that so Thank You!
  6. Mack Sennett founder of Keystone Studios credited a cat named Pepper in 17 movies including those featuring Chaplin, Keystone Cops, Marie Provost. The only title I know is A Little Hero (1913). Hope this helps.
  7. Also looks like Don Beddoe
  8. MilesArcher you are my HERO!!!!!!! I have been looking at lists for 3 years!!! I would’ve never guessed Edward Arnold. And can’t believe I didn’t find Gene Reynolds on child star list. Thank you so much, truly appreciate you.
  9. He reminds me of Alan Hale Sr. but not sure it’s him.
  10. Phyllis Brooks and Robert Lowery in Dangerous Passage1944
  11. Thank you so much for responding txfilmfan! I do remember that movie, it was great. The one that’s buried in my brain isn’t as well known, unfortunately. I might have the decades wrong and the way I remember the plot! And it might have been forgettable to most, I was just wanting to remember the title in case it comes back again! I’m new here so I’m thrilled to get a response, thank you.
  12. I’ve done a lot to try to find the name of this B& W film I saw years ago on TCM. This is what I remember. A young school-aged boy with dark hair has a criminal father, maybe bankrobber who has a blonde hussy girlfriend. I think the 3 of them are on the run when the father is caught by police and sent to prison. The blonde takes off and the boy ends up living , maybe hiding out, with a family out in the country where he is well treated and is learning things. His father breaks out of prison and tries to find the boy, could be the boy knows where the money is? The FBI or police are watching the boy in order to catch the father. The boy is torn since he likes his new life. I’ve looked at James Cagney, Edward G Robinson, and John Garfield movies since the criminal is a crazed-type they are all good at but its not them. Also looked at child actors from 40s- 50’s to see who actor is but no luck! Thanks for any suggestions!
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