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  1. This is crazy but I see Sylvia Sidney too!
  2. The second actress (signing autographs?) looks like a young Joan Collins.
  3. You’re very welcome, I did see remake with Susan Hayward but wasn’t sure if it was 1800’s/ early 1900s
  4. The first movie that came to mind is Back Street with Irene Dunne and John Boles.
  5. Hi Kay, Do remember the decade in which the film was set and/ or filmed, was it B & W?
  6. Jham8, could it be Audrey Totter?
  7. scsu1975, you’re so right- it is Carole Landis, I uploaded the wrong photo-lol!
  8. It looks like Gloria Stewart but I never saw her with long hair in a movie
  9. It IS Laraine Day from Time of the Cuckoo
  10. I thought Cesar Romero but probably is John Gilbert
  11. Redbird51, I was thinking of “Miracle in the Rain” too.
  12. Great!!I missed that one, thank you.
  13. In My Dream is Yours (1949) Doris Day was in radio. Also starred Jack Carson, Eve Arden, Lee Bowman and Adolphe Menjou.
  14. Yes, Bernadette does die at the end. I agree that was beautiful part
  15. Thank you Jamesjazzguitar, I’ve seen Mildred Pierce over and over but glued to Joan so I will watch it again to see Veda, Thanks!
  16. HelenBaby2; I love that movie The Hideout and I never thought of that so Thank You!
  17. Mack Sennett founder of Keystone Studios credited a cat named Pepper in 17 movies including those featuring Chaplin, Keystone Cops, Marie Provost. The only title I know is A Little Hero (1913). Hope this helps.
  18. MilesArcher you are my HERO!!!!!!! I have been looking at lists for 3 years!!! I would’ve never guessed Edward Arnold. And can’t believe I didn’t find Gene Reynolds on child star list. Thank you so much, truly appreciate you.
  19. He reminds me of Alan Hale Sr. but not sure it’s him.
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