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  1. I found my list: John Kerr Jack Carson - My goodness, he had some amazing roles and I've become a huge admirer of how he got around. Mildred Pierce, A Star is Born, with Judy Garland, The Strawberry Blonde, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, missed him in Arsenic and Old Lace yesterday, Dangerous When Wet, and Destry Rides Again. Ward Bond - Why haven't they done Ward Bond? Maybe I missed him, but he's another one that has a great many roles throughout the 30's, 40's, 50's and on Wagon Train. No Oscar for him either. - The Quiet Man, Mr. Roberts, Gone With the Wind, The Searchers, Fort A
  2. Love this question. It's Montgomery Clift. Overlooked and should have an Oscar for most of his performances. The Heiress, Red River, From Here to Eternity, Judgement and Nuremberg, A Place in the Sun. Yes, Brando is great but Monty gave us something more, vulnerability and with good looks. Someone who appears to have it all, then you see his vulnerabilities. I'm drawn to that quality in an actor. My favorite all time has been and remains Mr. James Cagney, followed by Robert Downey, Jr. and Robert DeNiro.
  3. I'm so happy to share that The King and I will be on Fox Movie Network on Sunday, May 30th. The music, the performance by Oscar winner Yul Brynner is a must see again, and again. I've been waiting for such a long time for this film to come back. Of course, I have it on VHS, but now I will keep it on my DVR forever. Oscar winner Rita Moreno is Tuptim and Rex Thompson, who gives a strong performance in All Mines to Give, (on TCM later today at 2:15 p.m. ) are noteworthy. Both Rex Thompson and Patrick Ardiarte, who played Prince Chulalongkorn, the eldest of the King's children are alive and
  4. Natalie Wood Jackie Cooper Christian Bale Mickey Rooney Jurnee Smollet - Eve's Bayou Debbie Reynolds Shirley Temple Judy Garland Jodi Foster Juliette Lewis Patty Duke
  5. Cody Jarrett - Cagney is mesmerizing Robert Deniro in the remake of Cape Fear The face painted group of baseball gang members in the movie The Warriors - James Remar as Ganz in 48 hours
  6. Welcome MabelNormand193, It so happens that you missed out on John Garfield films that TCM highlighted recently. He was the Star of the Month in February. I believe they included a couple of pictures with the Lane sisters, and The Postman Always Rings Twice, (which is coming early tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. Between Two Worlds, which will be back on TCM on Tuesday, June 8th), and Body and Soul. You spoke of Horror films, The Devil Doll will be on Tuesday, May 18th at 9:30 a.m. and Isle of the Dead with Boris Karloff at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18th. If you want your fill of War
  7. There are several stars that looked good on screen and should have worked together more than once. Ann Miller and Tommy Rall - I said this before, if they would have teamed them in some of those lame musicals, they would livened them up quite a bit. Sidney Poitier and Diahann Carroll - Paris Blues Leslie Caron and Louis Jordan - What a wonderful couple they made in Gigi, they could have been a great team.
  8. Hi I have it on DVR so I will watch it later because I am a big fan of West Side Story 1961. Thank you all for sharing. Personally, they should have asked the rest of the surviving dancers to at least do a clip of 2 minutes. They were all fantastic dancers and they deserved praise as well. Natalie Wood gave a good performance. I love it when a child actor/actress grows in the film business, not too many made the transition. She has an amazing body of work for the 43 years she graced this planet. I also agree that Spielberg should not mess with perfection for the sake of rightin
  9. I have a couple to add, Judy Garland, dead at 47 years old. Natalie Wood, found drowned, also in her forties Bruce Lee, Oh what he could haven continued doing if he did not died in 1973. Mario Lanza, dead at 38 years old
  10. It’s deeper than that. It’s the rejection she feels, knowing that all her friends know that her boyfriend slept with another girl in her class. It destroyed her. When she tells him “I have no pride.” She is at that point of breaking, disregarding her mother and is now throwing herself at him. He rejects her. Rejection hurts, rejection can destroy people. It’s not all about sex, it’s deep love for the person you were dreaming of spending the rest of your life with. It made less sense that Bud’s father jumps out of a window, over MONEY?? That’s okay though. Suicide over money.
  11. I would like the following actors and actresses to be considered. Bruce Lee Julie Andrews Pat O'Brien Tyrone Power Denzel Washington Tom Hanks Steve Reeves Dane Clark Agnes Moorhead Thelma Ritter Judith Anderson Yul Brynner Eve Arden Robert Cumming Shirley MacClaine Rod Stieger Karl Malden Mercedes McCambridge Barbra Streisand Abbott and Costello Woody Strode Michael Douglas Russ Tamblyn John Derek Charles Bickford Arthur Kennedy Donald Crisp Lionel Barrym
  12. Thank you so much for the May 2021 schedule. Love the Star of the Month Roberts. They also highlight female stars - Esther Williams on May 4 Katherine Hepburn on May 12 Elizabeth Taylor on May 17 They celebrate Fred Astaire’s Birthday on May 10
  13. I do take these films not just as history lessons but life lessons, art, and I am reminded daily that they have very few stars who could do half of what these of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and some in the silent era have done. I cling dearly to their treasures left behind. I notice everything and everyone. I take time to research an actor to find out about other work they did. My favorite silent star is Lon Chaney. No one, not even today ( without special effects) can do what he did on film. I’m in awe, every time I see his movies.
  14. A cast member from the 10 Commandments is still alive, Debra Paget who played Lilia is 88 and Fraser Heston, Charleston’s son played baby Moses. He is 66 years old.
  15. I would pay to see Robert Downey Jr. play Sherlock Holmes two more times. He made that role his own. People are still paying to see Vin Diesel & Co. in the Fast & Furious franchise. Some people age well on film or do their best work when their older.
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