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  1. 1. Rear Window 2. Notorious 3. Shadow of a Doubt 4. Lifeboat 5. Strangers on a Train
  2. Great list. What is the theme? A-Z, they usually have a theme or focus for the 31 days.
  3. Wonderful way to pay a tribute to a great actor. They could have included, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and A Raisin in the Sun, and maybe a miracle showing of Porgy & Bess, and some of the films he directed. He'll never be forgotten.
  4. THIS YEAR'S GOLDEN GLOBES WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!!! As reported by New York Channel 7 reporters, the Associated Press had trouble booking presenters. According to Channel 7 news, Variety reports that The Hollywood Foreign Press had trouble booking celebrity presenters for the show after reports revealed they have not included a Black member in two decades.
  5. BLACK HISTORY MONTH CELEBRATION ON THE MOVIES TV NETWORK - All I needed was to see the first day of February on their schedule to know that The Movies Network is on point. Their full schedule is not available, but you can see the February schedule one day at a time. Today, I saw February 1, 2022 - The following movies are scheduled: Bright Road, with Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte, The Blackboard Jungle with Sidney Poitier, followed by Edge of the City, with Poitier, Ruby Dee, and John Cassavettes. Looking forward to the rest of February on the Movies TV Network
  6. August Rush, which was a very good film, different Robin Williams performance Spike Lee's "Get on the Bus", The Country Girl, Brother's Rico, The Narrow Margin (1952), The Verdict, The Man with a Cloak, Night Song, All Mine to Give, which I avoided for years because I was a fan of Cameron Mitchell or Glynnis John, my bad, heart-wrenching film worth watching. A musical with Laurence Oliver singing, not his best, it's called The Beggar's Opera, Two Weeks in Another Town, Courage Under Fire, Valley of Descision, The Right to Live (1935), a good film, The Upside, with Kevin Hart, In the
  7. One performance that sticks in my head is that of Patrick Ardiate, who played Prince Chulalongkorn in the King and I. The way he walks out when the children are summoned to meet their school teacher keeps me focused on his movements. He shows that he knows who he is, he knows that his father has his back, he knows what is expected of him. He' s poised, confident and unfailing. If all our sons could be that confident in their lives, our world would be amazing. Next time your watch the King and I, check out Prince Chulalongkorn's presence. Another pick for me are the other dancers in the 1
  8. Well, I wouldn't describe Steve Reeves as Beefcake , but what a body! He is Hercules,
  9. Hi Jessica_Ann, How nice of you to share. I loved Mickey because he was mult-talented. I never miss Strike Up the Band so I can watch the "Here the Drummer Boy Play" song. He was born in my hometown, of New York. My question is, do you know who his heroes were in the acting profession? He worked with the greats - - Judy, Elizbeth Taylor, Lewis Stone, Lionel Barrymore, Freddie Barthlomew and Spencer Tracy. Whom did he pattern himself after, if you know.
  10. Excuse me ladies and gentlemen for the previous post. I was corrected by a fellow TCM fan, Tommy Rall died in 2020.
  11. Thank you. I thought it was this year. Goes to show, I lost a whole year through this pandemic.
  12. Don't forget Richard Pryor, Jim Brown and Gregory Hines. Laurence Fisburne (who starred with Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen in Apopcolypse Now), and Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.
  13. Yes, TCM did a great job on this year's TCM Remebers, with one exception, they left off Tommy Rall. How could that happen. I don't even recall the single day of remembrance for him when he passed away. I hope they have time to correct that error and add him to the remembrance circle.
  14. MISSES: During the Remembrance montage released today highlighting the talent we lost this year, they did not have any photos of the great Tommy Rall. I can't believe this. Other than missing Tommy Rall, this was a great tribute by TCM.
  15. I agree with you Lydecker. They should also have Harry Belfonte, Sammy Davis, Jr. and add some of the specials he performed in like they did for Sinatra years ago. The late Gregory Hines, Diahnn Carroll, and, Woody Strode and Rex Ingram.
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