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  1. Yes. Christian Bale played a young boy separated from his parents in a I believe Japanese prison camp. The movie starred John Malkovich.
  2. Well, I did like some of the suggestions, but I would never suggest not having 31 days of Oscar. Why Not? Because, somewhere along the line film makers have forgotten what making a good film, top to bottom looks like and we get trash in our theaters for $15.00 a pop. So, I say keep the 31 days of Oscar so that film makers who lose their money on subpar films could watch and learn. I think we should go with Child Stars who gave great performances in Oscar winning or nominated movies, like Liz Taylor in National Velvet, Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun, to name two. Not to mention Jod
  3. NOVEMBER 18, 2020 @ 9:30 A.M. - I really like this movie. It was different for his time. If you haven't seen it, give it look and a listen. The songs are beautiful and beautifully sang by Ms. Streisand. She also directed this film.
  4. What endears me to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is Peggy Ann Garner's performance, outstanding. I also enjoyed the great Joan Blondell. The film breaks my heart every time, especially when James Dunn sings Annie Laurie. He won the Oscar that year.
  5. Also from Cagney in Angels with Dirty Faces - he says to Pat O'Brien as he greets him "What do you hear?, What do you say?" I also enjoy Burt Lancaster line to Tony Curtis in Sweet Smell of Success, "I'd hate to take a bite out of you Sidney, you're a cookie filled with arsenic." The King and I - Yul Brynner using his new found word - Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera.
  6. I think the fight scene between Marlon Brando and Lee J. Cobb is great!! They go at it. Check out Lee J. Cobb foot coming up on the back of Marlon Brando. They were realistic. Then there's the sword fight between Errol Flynn and Henry Daniell in the 1940 version of The Sea Hawk. Wonderful scene. I also enjoyed the fun fight scene between Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke in The Miracle Worker. The dinning room scene where she locks Helen in and tries to get her to eat from her own plate.
  7. Hi Everyone I felt that 2021 should have a diversified group of actors for their SOM slots. They've already chose Miriam Hopkins for January, so here are some diverse picks for the rest of the year. February - Denzel Washington - African American and I chose the films they should show since February is a short month. I started with the Great Malcolm X, Cry Freedom, and Mississippi Masala - the next 3 are films he directed, Antoine Fisher, The Great Debaters and then Philadelphia. The next 3 are GlMory, A Soldiers Story and the Bone Collector and the last 3 are, The Pelican B
  8. Yes and they are showing These Three and the Children's Hour which is essentially the same story, about school girls who lie on their teachers. Miriam plays one of the teachers in the 1930 version and she plays the talented Shirley McClain's aunt in the 1960 version.
  9. Thank you so much!!! Made my weekend.
  10. Hey, I like your choices, quite a few match mines like Woody Strode, Jack Carson, and Gloria Grahame, Tyrone Power, William Holden and Janet Leigh, Dead End Kids. I want to add Celeste Holm, Peter Lawford, Jane Powell, Joanne Woodward, Denzel Washington, Charles Laughton, Betty Field, Robert Redford, Lloyd Nolan, Yul Brynner, Joan Blondell, Arthur Kennedy, Leon Ames, Victor Mature, Sabu, Steve Reeves, Donald Crisp, Marjorie Main and Joanne Dru.
  11. Hello, While we bite our nails, I thought this topic would be appropriate. My top 3: Daniel Day Lewis - Lincoln (2012) Charlton Heston - The Buccaneers (1958) Bruce Greenwood - 13 Days ( 2000) I'm sure that Anthony Hopkins (Nixon) and the film W and Nixon/Frost were good, I just did not care to go to see them. Enjoy!
  12. Michelle , the first movie I saw her in was Into the Night, a John Landis film she made with Jeff Goldblum. I thought she did very well. I liked her even more in The Fabulous Baker a Boys. I will give her a nod for holding her own vs Pacino in Scarface. So perhaps it’s her time. My thing is who will take home the Lifetime Achievement Oscar. My choices, Oliver Stone, James Earl Jones, Tim Burton, Cicely Tyson, and Martin Sheen.
  13. Hey Spence, I too wish there were a book topic on TCM. I also have the Films of Cagney and Gable, in addition to Errol Flynn, Paul Newman, Gene Kelly, and lots of other books on the large studious. I have books on the following studios, Warner Brothers, MGM, Universal, Paramount. I've been collecting books about movies since 1973. I have quite a unique collection.
  14. I adored Tommy Rall. Great dancer, style, strength and high flying. In Kiss Me Kate he is fantastic. I loved the pairing of him and Ann Miller. They should have paired those two together at least two more times. They could have stolen the show if paired together as seconds to Gene Kelly in some of his less charming musicals. If you had T. R. In Good News it would have give Joan McCracken an equally energetic partner for Pass that Peace pipe” not taking away from Ray Mc Donald who did a good job. Just picture that dance number with T. R. Wow! I will truly miss him.
  15. Gene Hackman has a great body of work and they should work to honor. Bonnie and Clyde, Mississippi Burning, Unforgiven, The Poseidon Adventure, The Firm, The French Connection 1 & 2, Enemy of the State, The Conversation, Crimson Tide, Lex Luther in Superman, No Way Out, The Birdcage, Class Action just to name a dozen plus two.
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