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  1. > Classic movies usually have much better > resell prices than recent releases. They also tend to go OOP more often, sometimes with spectacular results. My Image DVD of Kenji Mizoguchi's "47 Ronin" is now selling used on Amazon for prices ranging from $104 to $219.
  2. As long as you own a VCR there's absolutely no need for a combo recorder. If you need to dub tapes, just plug your existing VCR into the DVD recorder and tape away.
  3. > I looked up the coverting to region free a few days > ago and read somewhere that Sony Region 1 DVD players > probably won't convert. And I don't know that I want > to take a chance on screwing mine up since it is a > DVD recorder. But I certainly did think about it. I use my recorder for burning DVDs only, then I watch them on the Philips. This helps prolong the life of the recorder, and enables me to watch whatever even while burning. At $50 it's a worthwhile investment.
  4. > You would only really need a DVD player that is > region free, right? The rest of the sound system > would just be normal? That's correct. Note that "region free" is only part of the issue. You also need a player that will convert the PAL signal to NTSC. You may already have a region free player -- google "DVD Player hacks" and see. With some players converting to region free is complicated, for others it's just a matter of opening the tray and typing a code on the remote (mine is the latter). I have the Philips DVP 642 player, which is an awesome machine. It not only pla
  5. imdb says that it's in widescreen, but other sources say that it was shot in Academy ratio. I've never see it in anything but 4:3, so I question whether or not imdb is correct.
  6. Jewel Robbery is a must-see. It's a great movie from start to finish.
  7. "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" was released the same day. It's a beautiful two disk set, with a commentary by Roger Ebert and another by the cast (Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers, John Lazar, etc). I'm not sure what's on the second disk yet, but it's apparently got some documentaries and other stuff. This is the single best movie ever made. Period.
  8. "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" is one of my favorites. The line "you shall taste the black **** of my vengeance" is probably the best single bit of dialogue ever in a movie. Two cult movies that REALLY need to be shown on TCM, or even better released on DVD are Phillip Ridgley's "The Passion of Darkly Noon" and "The Reflecting Skin." I have no idea why these aren't available.
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