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  1. The question of the Napoleon restoration is probably one that's not going to be answered by Mr. Brownlow during his visit. As i understand it, the whole thing is being held up by Coppola, and I doubt if Brownlow is going to want to publicly trash him. Not that he doesn't deserve it. Thanks for the head up on Le Roue. I hadn't seen the ads, and I want to be sure not to miss that one.
  2. > {quote:title=gagman66 wrote:}{quote} > With respect, SSO is imposing ludicrous restrictions on what can, and can not be asked during Mister Brownlow's visit, which kind of defeats the whole purpose? Plus you have to have approval ahead of time to ask anything at all! I am far from Happy with this! In so doing, they are bound to potentially alienate allot of people! So I just don't get it? The restrictions are at Mr. Brownlow's request, and we are more than happy to accomodate him.
  3. I gotta agree on "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." It's really the only Valentino movie that I actually like. And my God, is Alice Terry gorgeous or what?
  4. It is available on DVD, and it's a great film. It's my second favorite Lang film after M. Very beautiful and poetic.
  5. To those who had trouble registering, your memberships are now active. I apologize for the problem. I would prefer not making people jump through the hoop of having an administrator approve memberships -- it's the last thing I wanted. Unfortunately, we have 20 or more spammers a DAY trying to register, and that's the only way we can weed them out. If we didn't, there would be tons of pornographers, travel companies and mortgage brokers posting to the site. Unlike TCM, SSO is not a for-profit company. All maintenance and hosting fees for the site are paid out of my own pocket as a labor
  6. I had forgotten Louise Brooks.... a remarkable talent gone wrong.... How did Louise go wrong?
  7. I wanted to post a quick reminder that tomorrow the Scott Eyman visit begins at Silver Screen Oasis. We're looking forward to a lively and engaging conversation with Mr. Eyman, and extend an open invitation to join us. Stop by and engage with one of the premiere authors of books on classic movies working today.
  8. I wanted to post a quick reminder that tomorrow the Scott Eyman visit begins at Silver Screen Oasis. We're looking forward to a lively and engaging conversation with Mr. Eyman, and extend an open invitation to join us. Stop by and engage with one of the premiere authors of books on classic movies working today.
  9. Major right wingers were Louis B. Mayer, Mary Pickford, John Wayne, Irene Dunne, Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart. They were conservative in their politics (although not in the sense of modern conservatism), which primarily meant avid anti-Communism. I'm of two minds about this. On the one hand, I'm sick to death of Jane Fonda bashing. It's old and tired. On the other hand, I can't agree with Chip -- discussing a star means discussing both their work and their life, and for some of them their politics was important.
  10. When I am watching a movie on TCM or any other commercial-free station, I usually find that there are sometime technical interruptions while I am taping. The kind that looks like the movie image is starting to disintegrate, or pixalate. If that happens, the picture usually goes black and I have lost some of the movie. I know that that is usually not the fault of the cable progammer or channel, but I don't like that, nor do I want my DVD to have those interruptions on the disc. I am picky. So I would rather purchase the DVD and have the complete DVD package sitting up on my shelf. The bookl
  11. The tree scene from The Evil Dead. Not gruesome, but disturbing.
  12. ChipHeartsMovies. Wow, I may be managing to post. P.S. I was wondering why the two who did Michael Cutiz as DotM didn't list Noah's Ark. They coulda had a twofer with the disabilities theme.
  13. I?ve seen many boards ruined by over-moderation. This is especially true with company-owned boards. What we need is an occasional cleaning out of people who call other posters bad names, but we need to allow the various discussions and debates as long as people don?t call each other bad names. Fred, At one time I was totally against moderation on these boards, but that assumes that people are going to act like adults. If people won't do that, moderation is the only answer. At Silver Screen Oasis, the board created as a spin-off of this one, we have moderation that's neither oppress
  14. Mark, I completely agree with every word of that post.
  15. In defense of the Alloy Orchestra, STEAMBOAT BILL JUNIOR is actually one of their better scores! I thought that might be Alloy, but I didn't want to say so in case I was wrong. I actually like Alloy on some things. The DVD of Sergei Eisenstein's Strike is an example of a very effective Alloy score. They seem to work well on some dramas, but not as well on comedies. Keaton and Alloy definitely don't mix. The last time I posted to alt.movies.silent back in 2002 or thereabouts, Alloy was a continual source of debate, and I was one of their few defenders. That controversy is probably stil
  16. I bought the "Art of Buster Keaton" box set, and I'm very glad i did. I just turned on Steamboat Bill, Jr., and this is the worst score ever. It renders the movie nearly unwatchable.
  17. Madam Satan is a fantastic movie. I wish TCM could show it.
  18. > They also tackled social problems of the era and > didn't shirk from shining a kleig light or three on > unwanted pregnancy, racism, bigotry, violence against > women, poverty and many more. For much, much more on this subject see Kevin Brownlow's "Behind the Mask of Innocence: Sex, Violence, Crime: Films of Social Conscience in the Silent Era." It's a great book, even if it does discuss a large number of lost films.
  19. I am a complete idiot. I was trying to edit out the segements on either side of it on my DVR and deleted the entire movie. I hope I they show it again soon.
  20. Fred, You're spot on in your assessment of how the novels contributed to understanding the film. Things that had to be glossed over onscreen because of the Hayes Code made a lot more sense when you'd read the book. Chandler was, to my mind one of America's finest prose stylists -- on a par with authors who get more respect from the literary establishment. Reading a Chandler novel is a great pleasure in and of itself -- there is no way the movies could capture his excellent writing, no matter how good.
  21. I own the DVD of this, but took the opportunity to see a screening last summer at the National Gallery of Art. People walked out of the theater looking like they'd been hit in the face. I'm surprised we didn't all march on the White House right that minute. A great, great film. No other movie has ever done better at encapsulating the sheer stupidity of war.
  22. > Speaking as a TCM online noob, I hope somebody > initiates a thread like this every year. You can pretty much count on a dozen or more.
  23. > Thanks for the reply, Jon, but I'm not sure I > understand your point. I mean, how many kinds of > relationships can people enter into? Would you > consider any of them unhealthy for the > participants? Of course I do. There are people with abusive partners, there are people who have sex with those unable to give consent, there's a lot of ways that people can hurt other people. But I don't consider any of these unfit subjects for films. There is a difference between how I live my life and what I watch on screen. The PJ O'Rourke quote makes no sense -- I would certa
  24. Jim Thompson is one of my top five genre authors. He was fantastic.
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