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  1. Maybe not newly discovered, but discovered her in Kiss Them for Me. Suzy Parker
  2. Stewart actually had refused to do a war film, but did manage a very slow moving one in The Mountain Road made in 1960. I don't think I've actually seen this one and will have to find it. As far as his acting you just have to take him like he is. He may not have done Philadelphia, but he did do a good job in The Philadelphia Story .
  3. My faves have already been mentioned except one which was similar to The Twilight Zone in the respect it addressed many touchy issues.
  4. I was just thinking about it and I thinks its the vulnerability that both actors portray, which makes them so likable.
  5. There are some actors and actresses, that you go to see not because of the movies they are in, but because of them. I think James and Tom not only fall into that category, but seem to stand for the same thing in a lot of movies. Even If I have seen a move a 100 times with either of these actors I would see it again and again. They just seem to have that everyday person that you could just go up and talk to. Its hard for me to explain exactly, but since I am talking to people here who watch movies all the time I think you know what I mean. Just one example;I recently saw A beautiful Day
  6. Lemans with Steve McQueen and Grand Prix I would say are the standouts, although just having seen Ford vs Ferrari, I would say that qualifies as well, especially If you happen to have a surround sound system... and some very tolerant neighbors !
  7. Mrs Miniver would have to get my vote. My mom was from England and went thru the blitz. She described so many things that happened during that movie to me. Especially when the children were sent away from London. The house she grew up in located in Brixton was eventually blown up from a V1 "buzz bomb". She showed me a picture of what was left and it looked like a huge pile of bricks. I went over to England in 1990 and visited a lot of the places she had told me about. I sure am glad I have some english in me, they sure did show a lot of perseverance and heart thats for sure.
  8. While not specifically a Submarine movie, it does have a lot of focus on a submarine, and its a very good movie to watch , that is If its ever actually on. Its called Murphy's War (1971) starring Peter O'Toole. My dad was in the service and he always liked it.
  9. Just saw it awhile ago and had not seen it in ages. Once you've heard the opening music sequence you'll know it.
  10. Is there something I need to do to get notified by email when someone answers a thread I'm in ? So far I haven't got one email yet.
  11. Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) where Mickey Rooney plays Mr. Yunioshi. A movie that just hits so many good points. Next: A prisoner of war movie.
  12. The Apartment, it seems its never on enough. That and there is just something about Shirley Maclaine, especially when she is so young. All I can think of is this where she seems so innocent and the role she plays in Two Mules for Sister Sara.
  13. Thank you soo much, it was driving me crazy, and lord knows I have seen that movie at least 10 times.
  14. Didn't see a place for intros so just a little about myself. I'm Bruce, from the New England area, and of course I am a huge movie fan. I can't remember when I didn't like movies. But I do know when we lost our cable and my beloved TCM I was lost. I know that sounds dramatic, but I found I liked the older movies and stars, it just wasn't the same. luckily within the last year we got back TCM, matter of fact I made sure before that it was available. There is not enough room here for all the films I like, but I do know I really like to find films I haven' seen yet. just a few favorite acto
  15. there is a movie where someone asks what you do for a living. the person answers"well I check a long list of numbers that someone checked before me and then they are checked again" or something similar to that. I just can't seem to think what movie its from. The reason I'm thinking of it is the way things are right now, and my day to day thoughts of doing the same thing over and over again.
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