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  1. are you sure that photo of Randolph Scott is his wife walking next to him? I thought it was his mother or a stranger walking next to him. Look how far apart they are...like they don't even know each other. I liked Randolph Scott and thought he was a good actor and very handsome too. Edited by: movielover11 on Jan 23, 2014 9:30 PM
  2. I think the photo was from a movie called The Chase - Marlon and Jocelyn were in the film. Didn't realize how much they looked alike.
  3. I thought Bogart was handsome because he had an aura and charisma on the silver screen. While not classicly handsome, he did have "the look".
  4. Carey Grant looks like Lindsey Lohan in that picture.
  5. Not everyone has to like Vic Morrow, and obviously, you don't. That being said, there are plenty of lousy actors with lousy films who get their Summer Under the Stars day, so I think Vic Morrow should get his day as well. He was a phenomenal actor and the films I mentioned were pretty good films. I respect your opinion, but respectfully disagree.
  6. Where is the thread? I'd like to see that Cagney photo. :x
  7. I would say there are enough Vic Morrow films to fill up a whole day. Problem is, TCM doesn't have some of the films he made in the mid 1950's. If they could get their hands on some of these gems, it would be a real great day of films to honor one, TERRIFIC actor. I would recommend the following line-up: (and actually, this might be too many films for the day) Tribute to a Bad Man King Creole Hell's Five Hours Cimarron God's Little Acre Portrait of a Mobster Posse from Hell Men in War Bad News Bears Blackboard Jungle
  8. So glad someone else thought the young Cagney was handsome. I always thought so. I also thought the young Vic Morrow resembled James Cagney, a very big resemblence there.
  9. I thought I saw most of Morrow's films, but I have not seen A Step Out Of Line. I never heard of this film. But I think he did a lot of "made for tv films" and guest starring roles in several shows back in the 1970's. I don't recall him ever playing a leading man type of role. I don't think Vic Morrow ever got the appreciation or recognition he deserved. He was one fine actor.
  10. I would love to see very rarely shown tv shows like The Barbara Stanwyck show shown on TCM.. Did you know Vic Morrow guest starred in an episode?
  11. I saw that film. It was very good. It is difficult to find on DVD. He made several films, but TCM only seems to show Blackboard Jungle. I'd like to see a couple of other films of his.
  12. He did a lot of tv work, movies and guest appearances. I like the Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode where Morrow guest stars. Anyone ever see that? He was also good in Rifleman and Bonanza too.
  13. He was great. I, too, wonder why he didn't have a more successful film career. I also wish TCM would include him for a day in Summer Under the Stars in August.
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