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  1. James Dean would have been 83 years old today. Was watching East of Eden again and marvel at how exceptional he was in that film. I think he had great acting ability and wonder what types of roles he could have played as he grew older. Unfortunately, we'll never know. I think he had a lot of talent and really could have become one of the greatest. Wonder what he would have looked like at 83 years old. Amazing to think that almost 60 years after his passing, he is still remembered as a legend and icon. What are your thoughts of this actor?
  2. So thrilled to see the thread resurrected. Thank you! William Holden was one of my favorite actors. As Tom alluded to, I didn't much care for William Holden's very early work - he seemed like a "cute boy", but nothing special and the movies weren't that interesting and he seemed a bit stiff. I was blown away when I saw him in "Sunset Boulevard". He should have won an Oscar for Best Actor for that film. A wonderful film and performance by William Holden. Also, he looked stunningly handsome in that film. One of the best looking actors I've ever seen. After Sunset Boulevard, he had
  3. Bumping this thread...I am reading a bio called Little Boy Lost on James Dean - it's one of the best bios I've read. I know there are lots of bios on James Dean...any other good ones on him I can read?
  4. are you sure that photo of Randolph Scott is his wife walking next to him? I thought it was his mother or a stranger walking next to him. Look how far apart they are...like they don't even know each other. I liked Randolph Scott and thought he was a good actor and very handsome too. Edited by: movielover11 on Jan 23, 2014 9:30 PM
  5. The guy in the photo doesn't scare me, but the lady does. Is that Barbara Stanwyck? Also put Barbra Streisand on my scary list too. Don't know how James Brolin can wake up next to her without having nightmares.
  6. LOL....no, I wasn't scared of Bob Denver or Stan Laurel. I liked Bob Denver's songs like Rocky Mountain Hight and Annie's Song and Take Me Home Country Road. I don't know S.Z. Sakall though. To tell ya the truth, Ingrid Bergman kinda scared me.
  7. Favorite Actors: Marlon Brando William Holden Richard Widmark Vic Morrow James Dean Lee J. Cobb Vincent Price Jimmy Stewart James Cagney Al Pacino Least Favorite Actors: Kirk Douglas James Mason Richard Burton Victor Mature Mickey Rooney Charles Laughton Peter Lorre John Wayne Dan Duryea Favorite Actesses: Bette Davis Vivien Leigh Least Favorite Actresses: Joan Crawford Merryl Streep Julia Roberts Elizabeth Taylor Audrey Hepburn Ingrid Bergman
  8. I forgot to put Gene Kelly and Mickey Rooney, Edward G. Robinson and Shelley Winters on my list.
  9. LOL Tom - I guess I do. James Mason was a guy who looked nasty to me - very frightening - couldn't stand him.
  10. Speaking of Gloria Swanson, I should have put her on the top of my list for who scares me most.
  11. Haven't read through the thread, but don't think the 50's would be underrated for film work. Anyway, I love some 1950's films...such as: On the Waterfront From Here to Eternity 12 Angry Men Streetcar Named Desire East of Eden Blackboard Jungle Sunset Boulevard
  12. My choices would be: 1. Peter Lorre 2. Lizabeth Scott 3. John Wayne 4. Richard Widmark 5. Victor Mature 6. Joan Crawford 7. Bette Davis 8. Elizabeth Taylor 9. James Mason 10. Lee J. Cobb 11. Lee Marvin 12. Vic Morrow 13. Robert Mitchum 14. Vincent Price
  13. I thought Gene Kelly was a great dancer and made some excellent films. Why would anyone really care what he was like off the screen?
  14. I thought although, Julie Harris was 29 when the film was made, she looked older than that - about 40. Julie Harris was a good actress and nice person, but I thought she was totally miscast in this role. Jo Van Fleet was very good in her role and James Dean gave a very good performance, but the rest of the cast didn't really impress me. Raymond Massey seemed too stiff and rehearsed as the father. I think of the three films Dean made, East of Eden was his best.
  15. I think the photo was from a movie called The Chase - Marlon and Jocelyn were in the film. Didn't realize how much they looked alike.
  16. Holden, I noticed that too. Massey always said "Ay-Ron". I cringed. There were other annoying things too, like when Julie Harris kept yapping and talking to Dean on the Ferris Wheel, in the field, under the tree, in the bar - she never left the guy alone. I don't know how he didn't stuff cotton in his ears. She was too old for the part and tried to act like some teenager in love and talking all kinds of nonsense and giggling. She was miscast in my opinion. She had to be 30 years old trying to act like 16. Also, I couldn't stand this brother Aron - he kept blaming his brother Cal and
  17. Interesting discussion. While not the biggest fan of James Dean, I would say he was an actor with great potential which was not fulfilled because of his early death. I didn't like the film Rebel Without A Cause. Didn't like the premise of the movie and couldn't understand why none of those kids liked Jim Stark, even on his first day at school. He looked like a kid that would be very popular in school - with the red jacket and jeans. Perhaps they should have picked a very geeky looking actor to play the role. As for Giant, it was too long a film and very boring. Not a big
  18. I thought Bogart was handsome because he had an aura and charisma on the silver screen. While not classicly handsome, he did have "the look".
  19. James Dean was a legend and icon. His face, alone, was iconic. Rebel Without A Cause, on its own, would have made him a legend, because of the image, the jeans, red jacket, misunderstood youth, etc. But then he starred in Giant and East of Eden and those were also great films. I think the fact that Giant and Rebel premiered in theater's after Dean's death was another reason for the iconic status. People were just discovering him in the theaters and knew at the same time he had just passed away. Very tragic, he was a terrific actor and wish he could have lived longer to display more of
  20. I think they both played Lionel. The first photo might be Damon Evans who played Lionel in the Jeffersons tv series. The second photo is of Mike Evans who played Lionel in part of Jeffersons series - but played that character in all of the All in the Family episodes.
  21. Let's go back to Sunset Boulevard discussion. I thought Max contributed to the problems that Norma had. He never really let her think in the real world. He kept letting her think she's still getting thousands of fan letters (written by him), and he kept making her feel like she's still this big star....so I think he's more to blame for her problems than Joe.
  22. I think William Holden's best film was Sunset Boulevard. I also saw him in a film called World of Suzy Wong. He was good in that as well. Has anyone seen this film? Also, he was good in a film with Kay Lenz called Breezy. I wish some of those films would be out on DVD or shown on tv. Haven't seen them in a long time and they aren't available on DVD anymore. I think the film Network was mentioned. I saw this film and couldn't stand it. I know it is highly rated, but the film gave me a headache - too much shouting, cursing and Faye Dunaway was annoying in the film. Edited by:
  23. I think Robert Conrad, Chad Everett, Robert Fuller, Michael Landon, Ralph Meeker, James Garner and Dana Andrews would be pretty good....
  24. How could Joe stay in that house? Didn't he get nightmares from Norma and Max the Butler? How could he sleep with no locks on the doors? Wasn't he afraid Norma would crawl into his bed at night?
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