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  1. Yep, there's no doubt a DVR will increase your TV watching. Here's a good article about it: http://www.centredaily.com/mld/kentucky/living/people/14110165.htm?source=rss&channel=kentucky_people
  2. Get a digital video recorder from your cable company. I pay 8 bucks a month for it. I check over the schedule and record all the good stuff on TCM and watch it when I want to. Doesn't matter what time TCM airs it. I always have a bank of classic movies saved to watch. Rewind the good scenes and the good lines. Once you get it you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  3. ahh whatever. you're obviously just a bigot that believes only black people know anything about black movies.
  4. I take it you've never actually seen Booty Call so don't be so smug. It stars one of today's great black actors, Best Actor Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.
  5. Does it get any better than 1997's comedy classic "Booty Call"?
  6. Tell him to get a TIVO and you'll be back in business
  7. Oops, I guess I should look at TCM's home page once in a while: TCM West Coast Feed Begins May 1st! Starting May 1st, TCM will have a separate feed for the western half of the country. If you're in the Eastern or Central time zones, or you're a satellite subscriber, nothing will change. If you're a cable subscriber in the Pacific time zone, the movie start-times will be the same as they are on the east coast. This means that regular franchises like The Essentials (8PM ET) and Silent Sunday Night (12AM ET) will be the same on both coasts. If you're a cable subscriber in the
  8. I read in today's San Diego paper "Turner Classic Movies will begin running a West Coast feed on May 1, meaning that the shows will air three hours later here than on the East Coast." Is this true? I guess this means if a film airs at 8 in the east, it will air at 8 in the west.
  9. The Wild Bunch Don't even know if this is in the TCM library though
  10. Cool, maybe TCM can start showing 1950's stag films. Some people would consider them classics!
  11. She presented the tribute to film noir. Either the teleprompter was having problems or she needs new contacts because she really stumbled over her lines. Excrutiating to watch. Anyone know what the problem was?
  12. The supposedly worst movie ever made "Plan 9 from Outer Space"
  13. TCM.com did it again. I set a reminder for "The Buddy Holly Story" which aired last night from 9:00 to 11:00 PST. So what time did TCM.com send me my reminder? 1:11 am this morning, just over 2 hours after the movie finished airing! It's now March 1st and the stooges running this web site still have not fixed this problem.
  14. Get used to it. All broadcast and cable networks are going widescreen.
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