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  1. I watched the pilot episode of Hunter. It felt very familiar to the point that I could recall watching some Hunter episodes as a kid. I liked the episode and the two main characters. Much more brutal than A-Team, Jump Street, and some of the other Stephen J Cannell shows. Will watch more episodes later. Have to stick with Streets of San Francisco first. Saw one episode, and I'm sold. The main characters, music, cinematography, and the whole 70s presentation of the city are pretty cool. Booker was an alright character on Jump Street for his short stint. They should have tried bringing him
  2. 21-Jump Street. (Favorite Episodes: Mike's POV, Swallowed Alive, Blinded by the Thousand Points of Light, Loc'd Out part 1 and 2, The Dragon and the Angel, 2245...to name a few.) The Untouchables (seasons 1-3) Matlock Will give Streets of San Francisco and Hunter a try on YouTube. Hunter's weird in that I remember the theme song from seeing it all the time in the 80s, but I never watched the show.
  3. Yes, Highway 301 was the movie. Thanks for pointing it out. Re-watched it and recommend it for any fan of the genre. Also watched the Mob 1951. It's a pretty good undercover cop story, and I liked it fairly well. Yeah, it's now trench coat and fedora season...
  4. Thank you, that was a quick response! That's exactly what I remember seeing. Guess it wasn't a mantis but something bug like. Didn't realize it was a Hammer film. I've also never read a description for any of the Quatermass films though I see them included in sci-fi lists on occasion, so it would have taken forever to figure this one out. Thanks, I'll definitely give this a watch.
  5. That's not the movie, but I'll still check it out. Thanks! Slightly more details: the climax is at the hospital and the remnant of the gang gets wiped out along with a few others. It's a pretty grim movie.
  6. Caught a fragment of a SCi-FI movie on TCM several years ago. I think it was a Sci-Fi themed Saturday, and I'm pretty sure they showed Invasion of the Body Snatchers (70s) afterwards. The movie I'm trying to ID was in color (I'm almost certain) and I remember it having the head of an alien, like a mantis or some other insectoid, projected onto the sky. I guess it wanted to destroy the world and the protagonist was having a nervous breakdown while staring at the image from an alley or on top of a building. I think the alien had some sort of control over the main character. It couldn't have
  7. THEM is one of the very best things to come out of the Sci-Fi genre. Good pacing, tons of action (two epic battles and a minor one in the middle), and good acting. Also, you'll not be thinking "that's Marshall Dillon" after you see him initially. There are plenty of Sci-Fi movies where 99% of the story is just humans scrambling around and talking A LOT while trying to figure something out without giving the threat any screen time (no offense to that other James Arnes film The Thing from Another World), whereas this film gives you a really good blend of action, suspense, and investigation. The
  8. TCM showed a black and white crime noir/gangster film one morning a couple years ago about a gang that was so desperate to silence a witness that they tried to assassinate her in a heavily protected hospital. There's even a shootout there. Does anyone know the name of this movie? I believe they were a gang of bank robbers, but I may be mixing the plot with a different movie on that matter. The film was pretty violent.
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