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  1. Paul Brinegar and Gary Clarke were fairly well known actors in the early 1960s, during the heyday of TV westerns. Brinegar, who passed away in 1995, played 'Wishbone the cook' in Rawhide. Gary Clarke played cowpoke Steve Hill in 'The Virginian'. I think Gary is still with us, one of the few remaining stars from that old western.
  2. It was long believed that no recording of the theatrical version of Fortune and Mens' Eyes, presented at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles in 1968, which starred Sal Mineo, Don Johnson, Michael Greer, and Gary Tigerman, existed. But recently someone on Youtube has posted a long-lost recording of the first 15 minutes of that play. It was evidently a recording made to give to a talk-show which was discussing the play, and publicizing it. It's really a shame that it's only the 1st 15 minutes of the play, rather than the whole thing. But it's better than nothing. I'm guessing that no recordi
  3. Last month I was working out in my backyard, and I heard my neighbor's grandson, who was working in their yard, playing oldies songs on his radio. One of the songs playing was The Devil Went Down to Georgia. I thought to myself, 'It's been many years since I heard that song'. Then just a couple of weeks later, I heard of Charlie Daniels passing. A funny coincidence.
  4. I think that the late Raymond Burr (Perry Mason and Ironside), who died in 1993, concealled his homosexuality throughout his lifetime, and although it was an open secret to his close friends, it wasn't revealled to the general public until after his death. He'd had a longtime relationship with Robert Benavides, who left off acting when he and Burr began their relationship. For many years, he was Burr's business partner in various ventures (raising orchids , growing grapes , and wine production), but only close friends knew the actual nature of their relationship. Burr apparently invented f
  5. Great pic of young Richard Hatch ! The year before Richard did his co-starring gig in Streets of San Francisco, he did an obscure little movie called Best Friends. His co-star in that film was another young actor, Doug Chapin. The movie was about two young guys, Jesse (Richard Hatch) and Pat (Doug Chapin), lifelong friends, who'd grown up together, and are now being discharged after a stint in the Army together. They both have girlfriends, and are doing a cross-country trip in a rented RV, heading home. They both plan on settling down, getting married, and raising families. Jesse
  6. I still remember the scene in Rich Man, Poor Man, in which Rudy (Peter Strauss), the conventional, conscientious brother, has gotten up very early in the morning to do his paper-route. Tom (Nick Nolte), the reckless, smart-aleck brother, sneaks up behind him in bed, grabs ahold of him, and begins to rough him up. Rudy is upset, tries to free himself, but Tom continues to manhandle him. Tom is probably secretly envious of Rudy's industriousness, and is intentionally making him late for work. What's occurring is actually typical brotherly rough-housing and sibling rivalry. But at that point,
  7. The City and The Pillar covers the time from the late nineteen thirties until post World War II, which is about 10 years or so. Jim Willard and Bob Ford start off as teenagers in high-school, and age up to about thirty years old or so. So whichever actors were chosen to portray them would have to be capable of doing this realistically. I remember seeing the miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man when it first came out in 1976 on television. The Jordache brothers Tom and Rudy (played by Nick Nolte and Peter Strauss) began as teenagers in high-school, and then aged about 25 years in the course of
  8. I first began hearing about The City and the Pillar back in the late seventies when I began coming out into the gay community, but I never had the motivation to read it. I considered it an old and outdated book. My first gay novel was City of Night, which I read when I was in the Army, and kept well-hidden in my billet. Some years later, I read Dancer From the Dance, and The Best Little Boy in The World. Those were the books that defined my coming out experience in the late seventies and early eighties. It wasn't until a few years ago that a friend of mine was moving, and downsizing, and g
  9. The primetime western Lancer was evidently the high-point of Wayne's career, as well as that of James Stacy, who appears next to him in the photo above. Wayne went on to do the detective series Chase. After that, he had a series of guest-starring roles, and his very last onscreen appearance was a small role in Porky's. He apparently passed away in Brattleboro, Vermont , possibly of a heart-attack His wife and only son predeceased him quite a few years ago. James Stacy also passed away several years ago. Lancer reruns can still be viewed on Youtube.
  10. Jimmy Wlcek was a young actor who started out in the late 1980s on the soap-opera Ryan's Hope, where he was a handsome young dreamboat. He also had a small role in Steel Magnolias. Soon afterwards, he guest-starred on the primetime network show Walker: Texas Ranger, where he was able to show off his physique, and his martial-arts skills. This led to him getting his own primetime show, Sons of Thunder, which only lasted for 5 episodes. Afterwards, he had some decent guest-starring roles , but as time passed, these became scarce. He now apparently does somewhat obscure television or dvd mo
  11. Risky Business (1983) After black transvestite Jackie (Bruce Young) leaves, naive young Joel (Tom Cruise) cannot stop thinking about him. Joel calls him back, and they go out on a date together, and afterwards Jackie turns Joel out. They rent an apartment downtown, and move in together. In order to pay the rent, Jackie turns Joel into a street-hustler, and pimps him out.
  12. ronnoco28

    Hot TV Guys

    Stephen Shortridge played Beau DeLaBarre for 2 years on Welcome Back Kotter (1978-1979). He was brought in to replace John Travolta (Vinny Barbarino), who'd left the show, and moved on to bigger and better things. Soon after, Kotter went downhill in the ratings, and was cancelled. Steve had previously done a multitude of TV commercials, and his Head and Shoulders shampoo commercial can still be seen on Youtube. After Kotter was cancelled, for the next 10 years, Steve guest-starred on many TV shows, and did a stint on a soap-opera. Then he retired from acting, and moved to Idaho, where
  13. Gallipoli came out in 1981, and starred Mel Gibson (Frank) and Mark Lee (Archie). Mel went on to become a major movie star and producer, although his career went downhill after he made some anti-semitic remarks a number of years ago. But Mark Lee seems never to have appeared in a major film again, although he's had a full career acting in Australian television right down to the present. He did appear in some obscure films which can be seen on old VHS tapes.
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