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  1. 1491 - Eleanor Powell movie "Honolulu" I believe. Love Eleanor Powell -great dancer. Have seen so many of her movies but not sure about this one. 1495 - Where the Boys Are?, (1960) first pairing of Paula Prentiss & Jim Hutton-I have seen this several times as well as Hawaii, Seabisquit, Father of the Bride (II)& agree it was not up to par with the first one. Also have enjoyed Random Harvest numerous times. 1494 - at first glance thought it was "The Egg and I" with Fred McMurray and Claudette Colbert but that looks more like Barbara Stanwyck(?) LOL boy did I type the wrong thing.
  2. Just enjoyed watching Pillow Talk again! When I was a pre-dating teenager watching it in the movie house with a friend, I would just watch it and dream of being Doris Day and meeting my Rock! The romantic scenes are what I went for. But now I realize the character actors' performances are what drive this movie. Just anticipating the comeback lines of Tony Randell makes me laugh before they hit. "Well sir, it's not our place .. .". "NO.. it's my place and I helped 'em pack!" or Perry Blackwell singing, "You lied, You Dog, and you'll be sorry" as Hudson is leaving the piano bar. Oh, I love remembering sitting around a piano bar. Then there is that fabulous bar scene of Thelma Ritter drinking Hudson under the table. What a hoot.
  3. 2. Deborah Kerr and John Kerr starred together in 1956 drama "Tea and Sympathy" but they are not related.
  4. I am a green Newbie to forums and have a difficult time knowing where to post things. I just want to comment on how much I have enjoyed the "Feel Good Films" nights this month. Not only for the choice of movies, but for the introduction schedule of presenters. My favorite of these was being able to watch Robert Osborne present the introductions again. Thank you TCM for having this in the July format. Hope to see this again in the line up of Month's Feature programming.
  5. I was reading through recent posts and came upon your query which struck a memory to me. Could the number 1 film be 1956 "Miracle in the Rain" with Van Johnson and Jane Wyman? I thought of this one because it is a film I have only seen a few times and had to look up the title since I could only remember Van Johnson was in it.
  6. I was lucky to catch this also, and enjoyed it. She was always a super addition to any movie. Loved her and glad to see the recognition she deserves.
  7. Thank you. Glad to know I am not the only one hanging on to an outdated computer!
  8. I agree; I would put my channel on hold just to check out the accolades. I just became a member here and wanted to post something somewhere so I hope I am not breaking any rules by posting here. Although just a newbie member, I have watched TCM for years, mainly the only channel I tune in to. I will have to say "31 Days of Oscar" and August, "Summer under the Stars" are my two favorite months of the year with October being my least favorite as I am not a horror film watcher. I feel TCM shows films to please everyone and I am looking forward to reading comments and maybe even making a few along the way. While waiting for my member status to arrive, I browsed through some of the forums and totally enjoyed the interview posted of Hugh Downs: what any interesting man he was and lead such a full life! Also appreciated finding the post on what Stars are being honored in August, already excited to start watching them. I have tried many times to get this member status but my technical knowledge is a bit behind the times and never seemed to figure out how to get in. I hope to be able to figure out as I go along how to post properly in the forums (there seem to be a lot, so I may be reading an popping up anywhere). I apologize in advance for any unintended misuse.
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