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  1. Which points to the very lack of effectiveness. They already know.
  2. The vague wording behind the OCD points to how lacking in effectiveness it is. They never tell us what specifically is offensive and what the version of truth they WANT us to know about is...I guess they think we will figure it out. But if we're that smart, we don't need a cautionary warning.
  3. I think it is the film that is most reflective of who Vivien Leigh was in private and that sort of a reveal is hard for an actor to even try for. V L was, in real life, as Emma was depicted in the film: sophisticated, ultimately well-educated, multilingual and empathetic. She was passionate and easily moved. Above all, she always tried to be kind. Her motto was "use all gently" from Hamlet. But that also is telling as to how perfect she was in GWTW; Scarlett is a convincing performance from an actor who was not very like the role. VL really had a heart and was sensitive, unlike Scarlett
  4. On April 4th, 2021 I saw "Gone With the Wind" for the 533rd time. I've been journaling my viewings since the 70s, although I included my viewings of the 1968 releases, which I could still recall--because there were only a few. I started the journals when I knew I was going down the rabbit hole.
  5. Bette Davis was a huge fan and modeled herself on her in her early career. I don't know what R.O. said about her, but I remembered him liking "Female."
  6. Ruth Chatterton? See Dodsworth. Not only a good actress, sometimes she was great.
  7. The Noel Coward Diaries really enhance this wonderful version of the play. Mr. Coward and Miss Colbert had BATTLES. But he was the first to say it cane off wonderfully. I urge people to see this lest it be taken down before they can...as indeed it was at one point.
  8. I'd be interested in a rematch with Gable and Leigh...but later, when they had managed distance from their first pairing.
  9. My name is Mark and I was named after his character on The Rifleman. I met him once at 1one of the autograph collector shows. He signed a photograph for my mother and mentioned how touched he was to have someone named after his character! What a wonderful man he was.
  10. I would think he (Robert Osborne) would have been upset at de Havilland not getting a little bit more love in the Lightning Round "In Memorium." They certainly hovered on the last two MEN in the line-up. Olivia de Havilland changed the studio system and the face of Hollywood to the good forever due to her breaking the hold of the contract system in her landmark court case.
  11. I've got over 1200 blu-rays and even more dvds. Having your own film library assures access to favorites. And blu-ray quality is better than streaming. Cds, on the other hand, I seldom buy now. Quality is comparable and yet I limit my own choices by being interested in buying strictly the track I want without listening to or storing an entire album. But I am more interested in film anyway.
  12. It does say that Warner Archive will be kept. That was the most important thing, anyway. They do beautiful work. This week they released Annie Get Your Gun and it's spectacular. Just think, we were able to OWN great movies, cultivate our own libraries, never worry about something being withdrawn, if you wanted to have a collection--and we've opted for convenience and giving control of old treasures back to the suits.
  13. I voted for the SAG awards, so I have seen all of the nomination-leading films. They were almost all heavy-handed message pictures that were ordeals to watch and not anything much to want to see again. The weighted voting is silly, and the Academy is working so hard on pleasing everyone, that it's difficult to credit their decisions. So, naturally, I'll watch. But maybe low viewership will send a message to the Academy...Forgive the Schadenfreude.
  14. Great film. Yes, de Mille is pompous and officious, but the grandeur sweeps the audience along. The score and the pacing are perfect.
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