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  1. This wrecks my day, even though I like it...
  2. Ben was a customer at a music and video store where I worked. We lost our lease and had to move out. We were all to be jobless. We had a big closing sale that was an essential free-for-all. The workers were all depressed over leaving (I had worked there for 14 years.) And in this last week we were having a tough time with keeping up with demands at the counter and finding things for customers and keeping our cool. We were still issuing "frequency cards". They would be marked with a punch for each item a person bought on any given day. When you got 10 notches you could get a free cd
  3. Yes. The Grove has charm and a nicer layout. More locals go there. Which also includes more stars--which is closer to the tourist dream
  4. It may be a shopping mall improvement to change the place, but framing it as a noble way to give Griffith his due is bogus. Remove the cement footprints and stars from the walk of fame, then. They may be the foundation of why people are interested in this town at all, but, Yikes!, they lived in an "unenlightened " time and must be punished. Why stop at Griffith? I especially dislike the punk spokesman telling us what Hollywood is now. He isn't from here and thinks it will be less-cliched to have a representation of people standing in front of the camera and an audience in front applauding
  5. I think it's silly to frame it the way they did. I doubt any tourists looking at it would have an inkling about the reference. They're likely just ennobling a chance to do a contract-laden makeover.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/the-hollywood-26-highland-elephants-are-coming-down-a-rejection-of-dw-griffiths-racist-legacy/ar-AAMNjUS?ocid=BingNewsSearch Anyone have strong thoughts on this?
  7. Warner Archive has released "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex" on blu-ray with a transfer that is dazzling. Not only are Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland great in their cat-and-mouse games, but the detail in their costumes shines as never before--with proper 3-strip registration. But Flynn is a revelation, a perfect movie star, who also hits subtle and varied notes as an actor. I believe this title is underrated --as is his acting in general.
  8. I just watched "That Touch of Mink" for the first time and found the Day/Grant chemistry lacking. Especially since Gig Young (who is in the picture) and Day seem better-suited. I then watched Grant in "Charade" and thought the chemistry with Hepburn rather spectacular. Matters of age seem to work more depending on the pairing than anything else. But I am a firm believer that until the cortex is fully formed (aged 25), no one whose is should be allowed into a relationship with anyone whose isn't.
  9. My choice would be "Une heure pres de toi." It is the simultaneously shot French version of "One Hour With You." I am not sure any prints exist, though.
  10. Which points to the very lack of effectiveness. They already know.
  11. The vague wording behind the OCD points to how lacking in effectiveness it is. They never tell us what specifically is offensive and what the version of truth they WANT us to know about is...I guess they think we will figure it out. But if we're that smart, we don't need a cautionary warning.
  12. I think it is the film that is most reflective of who Vivien Leigh was in private and that sort of a reveal is hard for an actor to even try for. V L was, in real life, as Emma was depicted in the film: sophisticated, ultimately well-educated, multilingual and empathetic. She was passionate and easily moved. Above all, she always tried to be kind. Her motto was "use all gently" from Hamlet. But that also is telling as to how perfect she was in GWTW; Scarlett is a convincing performance from an actor who was not very like the role. VL really had a heart and was sensitive, unlike Scarlett
  13. On April 4th, 2021 I saw "Gone With the Wind" for the 533rd time. I've been journaling my viewings since the 70s, although I included my viewings of the 1968 releases, which I could still recall--because there were only a few. I started the journals when I knew I was going down the rabbit hole.
  14. Bette Davis was a huge fan and modeled herself on her in her early career. I don't know what R.O. said about her, but I remembered him liking "Female."
  15. Ruth Chatterton? See Dodsworth. Not only a good actress, sometimes she was great.
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