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  1. I wasn't specifically meaning your aunt, but people who do imply that things from the past are not relevant to their or anyone else's edification or entertainment. We've all met them. And they usually do say it like that--with a diminishing tone.
  2. I'm never clear as to what reality people think they're bringing up to fans by pointing to the mortality of the filmmakers. Do they think they're going to meet or befriend live movie stars at some point, so why watch people who are talented, but gone? And is the idea of co-existing with actors the charm of watching movies to such people? Not even the wonderful cast of "Black Panther" has remained untouched by tragedy. Does that mean it's a time-waster for people who enjoy such material to watch, or is it too old? So many questions...😁 Spoiler: Don't queue for the Mona Lis
  3. Robert Osbourne was certainly more circumspect than Rock. Rock lived like a "rock" star and I would be surprised if monogamy was on the menu for long. I have a couple of friends who were propositioned along the street by him. He knew his power...and why shouldn't he? He had looks, talent and took the adventures that came with these things. As the years went by, more people in the industry seemed to know, and he had good-natured fun with the kidding during the tour of Camelot. But had he lived, he likely would have been forced to curtail it. The "Confidential" scandal would be happening all ov
  4. I knew Marc Christian and, privately, he had nothing but loving things to say about Rock. He was a nice guy and even had nice things to say about the opposing law team.
  5. I fear Disney will not care too much about classic Fox films (unless it's something that generates real income--like The Sound of Music or Rocky Horror). So, for those who care, watch Desk Set while you can or buy the blu-ray, which looks splendid.
  6. Dave and Alicia bring freshness and youth to TCM. I hope they stay.
  7. DEFA films were generally tedious (Hot Summer was good....). Their Westerns and Sci-Fi films were tough viewings. I hope this stuff gets saved, but saving the Weimar films is, thankfully, not neglected since the rights to most of them belong to the Murnau Foundation. I wish they would just turn them over to that institution.
  8. Vivien Leigh between takes with Olivia de Havilland.
  9. This is a bit silly. One has to acknowledge that stereotypes exist in life and inform art. In real life we are confronted with rednecks, bible-thumpers, and "Karens." I think I am an effeminate gay guy, and that may be all people see initially or will get to know. So, if film short-hands these characterizations, they are doing no more than what individuals may perceive in seeing a stranger at the grocery store. It may not be justified, and it may not be a reflection we wish to foster, but until reviewers admit that negative and positive stereotypes walk among us, they can stop l
  10. Great film. It's probably a bit misogynistic, as are a lot of Hitchcock films. The new 4K blu-ray release looks spectacular.
  11. I forgot to put in the title, but didn't correct it because it occurred to me that it was famous enough to not caption. My bad.
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