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  1. Today's Noir, The Breaking Point, with John Garfield, Patricia Neal, Phyllis Thaxter, and an outstanding supporting cast was not only the best Noir shown by this channel in years, but the only good Noir shown this year.  Previous films have been B-films at best and made me lose interest in this Sunday morning tradition that my wife and I had of watching Noir together.

    Several times, Eddie Muller would go on and on about a forthcoming Noir only to disappoint us with a very poor film.  I would assume that he did not have control of the films to be shown and was trying to hold on to his film viewers.  Surely he did not believe what he was saying?  I wish I could remember some of the titles of many of the horrible films presented this past year.

    Please, Eddie, if you have the power, bring back more films like the one today.  This was a powerful script with powerful performances and of course, a brilliant author behind the scenes.  More of Garfield and Bogie, please.

    Movie Buff

  2. I asked the question that Cowdrey above asked many years ago.  My question was almost word for word the same.  I was not a member at that time.  Anyway, I've been asking the same question for over 40 years with no results.  I used to call Robert Osborne before he became so popular.  Just wish I could have asked him this question.  I tried but could never get through.

    Anyway, I published an article concerning the question about Kerr and Grant that goes into more detail.  You may enjoy reading;


  3. On 11/14/2005 at 1:03 PM, ayresorchids said:

    > I remember seeing a clip about Cary Grant , and the

    > women said he had bad breath and didn't use deorante

    > or soap because he was weird that way and i always

    > wondered if that was so because he was such a dream

    > boat,but that would explaine why she never kisses him,


    Huh. First time I've ever heard that one.


    That was Clark Gable, not Cary Grant.


    I think it may just be a deliberate tease that makes you want more. Astaire and Rogers did the same in most of their films--any kisses either were interrupted or behind a door, or some such--until the public clamored so for them to clinch that they finally did (quite lengthily, too) in Carefree.


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