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  1. From His Kind of Woman - Vincent Price to Robert Mitchum (after calmly dispatching a bad guy): "...mind telling me who I'm shooting at and why?"
  2. I thought it was "If a tree falls in the forest and there's no one around to hear it, is it still the man's fault?"
  3. Voted. Time zones are off for Mountain time as well. {If they want to force everyone to use a single time zone, I'd prefer UTC/GMT.]
  4. I've sent in my opinion via "contact us" as well, and rather expect a canned reply; I probably can't expect anything more in reply to an opinion which uses "abysmal, atrocious, and just plain awful" in the opening sentence. {Although I did cut them some slack in that I stopped at "A" instead of going through the entire alphabet for suitable adjectives from each letter.]
  5. There was a book written back in the late '90s which fleshed out Casablanca - titled As time Goes By, written by Michael Walsh. He covered both pre- and post- Casablanca time frames for the principals, providing answers for many of the questions asked in the movie. It's been a while since I read it, but I recall that my impression was that it was well written and respectful of the source material.
  6. One film I'd like to see remade would be "Paint Your Wagon" with Clint Eastwood as Ben Rumson... Him singing "Wanderin' Star" should be inimitable.
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