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  1. Is there any reasoning about not showing “Olympia” 1938 by Leni Riefenstahl? I know of all the political reasons why it, and she, might not be high on lists, but it is possibly one of the most famous films about the Olympics. TCM usually doesn’t shy away from thought provoking art, whether good or bad.
  2. Down to Earth (1947). Rita Hayworth, Larry Parks, James Gleason, Edward Everett Horton, Adele Jergens, Marc Platt. It’s all about Rita in this movie. She is stunning. I first learned of Rita when I was in High School. She had just passed away and they were showing clips of her on tv. I was immediately enamored. Cinemax then had a movie marathon and I gave my grandmother a bunch of blank vhs tapes. I got the bio book “If This Was Happiness” for Christmas and read the entire book that night. So I’ve been watching this movie for years! As for the movie... *the cast. Great cast. Larry
  3. This is a crazy suggestion, I know. “Plan 9 From Outerspace”. I know, I know! But I just think what a better budget could do for GRAVE ROBBERS FROM OUTER SPACE!!! I love the original for what it is, but I think I’d be interesting.
  4. Hello. I have been a long time watcher of TCM (around 1995). I just signed up to join the message boards, and it’s great to finally take the plunge. One of my greatest pleasures is finding new (to me) classic movies that I some how missed. Through TCM I found out about such actors as Betty Hutton (her interview still ranks as my favorite), Ann Harding, and Kay Francis. It’s also made me look for movies I have never heard of. I grew up watching the “Blondie” and “Andy Hardy” series and have always loved those, but I just saw Spring Byington in a film and investigated her filmography and
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