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  1. I loved watching those old horror flicks too when i was a little kid way back when, dracula, frankenstein, etc., its the only time i had a nightmare ( about crawling hands under my bed, and i woke up needing to pee!!!). Many years later i was watching an old Edward G. Robinson movie at 3:00am, and i got hooked with old movies, and with Robinson as my favorite actor. The movie was "The Sea Wolf".
  2. The actor who played Alfredo died not too long ago, such a big lost, great actor and a great movie. Sorry, I don't remember his name.
  3. Your welcome. A good book to read about the rating system and the Hays code is "The dame in the kimono". It goes into censorship, who was who and who did what, it starts with the silent movies and goes into what we have now, NC-17, and why the rating system was started. Very informative, it goes into what could and could not be said or shown in movies during the code era and why. Message was edited by: me 3s2ges
  4. I took a class in film study, "censored movies" in college, i also saw the doc."This film is not yet rated", it talks about this. Message was edited by: me 3s2ges
  5. If you say the "F" word once in a non-sexual form, its rated "PG-13", if you say it 2 or more times or in a sexual form, its rated "R". Message was edited by: me 3s2ges
  6. I have seen a few movies on TCM where they show "boobage", one movie quite a bit, along with bad language. I dont mind it, im glad they dont edit the movies that i have seen. Must of been a mistake on someones part.
  7. Betty Davies and Joan Crawford.
  8. Leslie Howard in "The Scarlett Pimpernel"
  9. Robert Osbourne was one reason why i started to watch tcm, i like the way he speaks of the movie before and after the films, or most films, very informative. Keep up the good work.
  10. "They seek him here, they seek him there. Is he in heaven, is he in hell, those damn frenchies seek him everywhere" from "The Scarlett Pimpernel"
  11. "The Sea Wolf" is one of my favorite, and Robinson my favorite actor, and am intrested in seeing the restored version. Is there a way to keep informed on when it will be shown in the restored version? thanks
  12. Boy, this is what happens when i dont come here for a few days, a new forum pops up. I did the same thing with "Ordet", i paid little attention to it and got bored with it and turned it off. I then watched a couple of days later and glad that i did, what a great movie. But to stay with the format, a great director and one of my favorite is Akira Kurosawa, I got into his movies about 2 years ago while taking a cinema course in college, his movies are outstanding.
  13. Edward G. Robinson is my favorite actor, but my favorite movie has got to be "The Sea Wolf", with "Double Indemnity" coming in a close second, and his spiel about suicide has got to be the best scene in the movie.
  14. One good book to read is called "The Dame in the Kimono", it's about the Hays-Code, who was who and who did what with the code, and goes into a few movies in the code. Its a good read if you want to know about the code. The title of this book comes from the original "The Maltese Falcon" which is being shown this month. Message was edited by: 3s2ges
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