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  1. Fellow silent film fans: This really is an astounding situation. I have been involved in related projects about this filmmaker (He did “As the Earth Turns” 1938 silent-sci-fi on Amazon and will be on TCM Halloween! - I scored and produced astheearthturns.com). This doc about the filmmaker, Richard Lyford has been in 97 festivals to date. This one is very special, though. I will be at this event, and would love to meet you! History in the Making! Richard Lyford created a “Chinese-style” theater in his basement in the 1930s. Now his story will be shown at the REAL one in Hollywood! LIVE
  2. Thanks for the update on the schedule! I didn't have confirmation. I will be promoting this now! I'm on the West Coast, so it will be perfect at 9PM! I was hoping TCM would grant an interview about the film (I've done many, many), but at this point it's not looking good, unless there is a groundswell of interest.)
  3. Update on "As the Earth Turns": TCM is schedule to show the film around Halloween 2021 (appropriately). I created a short documentary, "It Gets in Your Blood." That film has been in numerous festivals and won many awards/nominations. I will be at the Burbank International Film Festival Sun Sept 12 at 12:30pm showing the film (https://www.itsmyseat.com/biff/sun-sep-12.html). There are other screenings comings (some online). https://edhartmanmusic.com/it-gets-in-your-blood-richard-lyford-documentary-film I am working on a screenplay about Richard Lyford as well (and
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. TCM did start an entry: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/2219237/As-the-Earth-Turns/ I'm not a member yet, so I don't think I have access to editing.
  5. Thanks for your interest. The date for the premiere has not been set yet. I hope it will be in the next month or two. (that was the original plan). Barbara Berjer (Berger) was in her teens when she made this (and other films with Richard Lyford - I have some fragments that will be on a DVD). Even the Berger family didn't know about these films! My research has been fairly extensive. There is an IMDB page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9203354/ Also, I've been building up a Richard Lyford IMDB page as I discover more projects he was involved in. We recently found a
  6. UPDATE: "“As the Earth Turns” will have it's Broadcast Premiere on Turner Classic Movies, Halloween, October 31, 2021, at 9pm - PST (12pm Midnight EST Nov 1). Please tell EVERYONE!! I'm very glad to join the TCM Message Forum. I am a Pacific NW (US) producer and composer for a 1938 award-winning unreleased film, "As the Earth Turns" (Note: This is not the 1934 film of the same name). The music is mainly classical with some jazz. The backstory about how this film was found, restored, scored, and brought to the present is equally amazing. I have a related short doc and a
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