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  1. I recently finished my 3rd time watching "Gambit" with Shirley MacLaine & Michael Caine from 1966. Great movie!! Please watch it if you get a chance! Lori
  2. Remembering Douglas Dick on what would have been his 100th birthday! Here he is in Hitchcock's "Rope" from 1948. Great film! Lori
  3. I liked that dance also! She's amazing!! And the dog was cute. Lori
  4. Yesterday I watched "Lady Be Good". It was a very good film. Another Red Skelton film marked off my list The Berry Brothers are amazing! Lori
  5. Not up there as one of my favorite actors, but I liked him in "Wife vs Secretary" from 1936. Lori
  6. Thank you! This was dress #19. #20 if you also count a dress I bought & embellished. Also my third Doris Day dress. I'll be starting another dress on Tuesday. Lori
  7. Here's my new dress! I was inspired by Doris Day's dress (designed by Milo Anderson) in "Young Man with a Horn" from 1950. I started this dress Oct 17, but wound up with some problems, & then redid it. If it wasn't for that, I probably could have had the dress done by the end of October, as I wanted. Instead I finished Nov 11. I wasn't looking to duplicate this dress 100% - I just wanted to make something more or less similar. Enjoy! Lori
  8. Remembering Jack Elam on what would have been his 100th birthday! One of film's best character actors! Here he is in "The Rare Breed" from 1966 🤠 Lori
  9. I didn't know this until just now. I love "Bristol Stomp". Lori
  10. I did watch it on TCM the other day. I understood it much better this time! I had to ask a few questions in the "I just watched" area, but I enjoyed it. With the Thanksgiving Hitchcock marathon, I'm looking forward to seeing "Rear Window" a second time. I'll also (finally) get to see "The Man Who Knew Too Much". "The Lady Vanishes" is on the list also. I never saw that one. Might give it a try. Lori
  11. You got some good movies on this list. I like "Kindergarten Cop" also. I have the DVD for it. Lori
  12. Yes, it did. So did "What's Up Doc". Lori
  13. That was a nice car...and nice color too! Lori
  14. **SPOILER WARNING IF YOU NEVER SAW VERTIGO** I watched "Vertigo" several months ago for the first time & got confused near the end. I think I watched it on the Movies! channel. I was liking the movie until I got confused. It was on TCM the other day & I watched it this afternoon. I understood it more this time than last time. But I have a question. Am I right that Gavin killed his wife? Did he kill her for her money? He then hired Judy to pretend to be Madeleine? Why? After the killing, shouldn't Gavin have told Judy to leave town? Was Judy a girlfriend? Kim Novak play
  15. This afternoon I watched "Gold of the Seven Saints" with Roger Moore & Clint Walker. It was from 1961. I'm more of a Roger Moore fan with the James Bond movies. I've seen him in a couple non-Bond movies. But that's what I prefer. I've watched "The Saint" with my dad. I'm not too familiar with Clint Walker. The movie was directed by Gordon Douglas. I know some of his movies. I didn't think the movie needed to be black & white. Usually I don't care. But I think the movie should have been in color. It was a good movie though; but not fantastic. Lori
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