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  1. No, that wasn't shown. I'm not familiar with that title. Is it like "Lake Placid"? I didn't like that. Too bloody & too many loose body parts. Lori
  2. Gotcha! Thanks. What I saw was "Tintorera". Maybe I should have recorded "Piranha" instead. Lori
  3. I don't fully understand this sentence. What does John Huston have to do with "Tintorera"? He wasn't in the movie. Or are you just talking about 2 movies he did? Actually, I didn't know a single name in the cast. Lori
  4. I haven't been here in a while. Been busy with so many other things, I just never found time to wander over here. Very sorry. Some really good movies I've seen recently... - Two Tickets To Broadway - Kiss Me Kate - Dive Bomber - 42nd Street - Silk Stockings A couple days ago I watched "Tintorera" & it was really bad. Did anyone else watch it? I can't believe how Wikipedia wrote "The film, along with many monster movies of the 1970s and 1980s, is very similar to Jaws". Ha! Who wrote that? "Tintorera" was nothing like "Jaws". I've seen "Jaws" a zill
  5. What a list!! Thanks for posting this! I see a lot of movies on that list I've been waiting to see. Can't wait. Lori
  6. I'd like to see "Stage Door". I haven't come across it in recent months. Lori
  7. I watched "Kiss Me Kate" this afternoon for the first time. It was great! Must have had 20 songs! I recognized some parts from "That's Dancing". The movie had some great Ann Miller dancing! I love watching her dance!! I loved this part... I think Ann Miller is one of the prettiest actresses around. She began dancing at 5. She was discovered at 13 by Lucille Ball. She said she was 18. "Kiss Me Kate" also starred Kathryn Grayson. Most of the movie was shown on stage showing "The Taming of the Shrew" being acted out. Kathryn Grayson, with a red wig & heavy makeup, lo
  8. I watched "Listen, Darling" this afternoon. Very good film & the songs were cute. One thing confused me - why was Pinkie always calling her mother Dottie instead of mom or mother? Lori
  9. I adore Elvis also!! I set the DVR for 3 movies I never saw before. Looking forward to seeing them. "Viva Las Vegas" is my favorite. "Jailhouse Rock" is also great. Lori
  10. Might have been this one... "Lucky Losers" is a good one. There's a good wrestling one also, but I can't think of the name. Lori
  11. There goes the DVR if/when John Wayne gets to be SOTM. Lori
  12. I watched the Bowery Boys movies as reruns with my dad. They're a good gang as the Bowery Boys. The Dead End Kids are more like juvenile delinquents. My dad is not a fan. I like them ok, but not like Bowery Boys. I have a white tiger plush toy that I named Whitey in honor of Billy Benedict's character. Which movie did you see? Maybe try another one. Lori
  13. I'm waiting to see this movie also. I know all the Bowery Boys movies with Leo Gorcey. I know just a small handful for the Dead End Kids, and only one for the East Side Kids. I saw "Angels Wash Their Faces" for the first time last year. At the very beginning, Frankie Thomas says something to someone. The guy replied with his only one line in the movie. I swear it was James Cagney! But I couldn't find any info on that. Lori
  14. Very sad Some of my favorites... How Do You Do It I like It Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying Ferry Cross the Mersey Lori
  15. Just a few I'm still waiting to see... For Me & My Gal Anchors Aweigh The Pirate Words & Music Take Me Out To the Ball Game Brigadoon Invitation To the Dance I know some of these movies have been on TCM. But I feel like it's been ages since they've been on. Lori
  16. I'd like to see Gene Kelly as a SOTM or a 24 hour feature for Summer Under the Stars. But show some of his movies that aren't shown as much as others. Lori
  17. "That's Dancing" was fun. However, I can't believe how they did a segment on Busby Berkeley & left out "Footlight Parade". Seriously?! Yikes! I forgot who was speaking at the time, but he said something like, "the only one at the time that could maybe pose any threat to Fred & Ginger, was this little 6 year old girl - Shirley Temple". The show featured a nice amount on Ann Miller & Eleanor Powell. Those 2 IMO are the tops of the female tap dancers. They're amazing! It's a shame between those 4 shows, they only showed Ann Miller in tap, & not ballet. "That's Dancing" had a nice
  18. I do have to go with Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks. No offense to Cary Grant. I do love him! Lori
  19. I saw "An Affair To Remember" once. I never saw "Love Affair". But I saw "Sleepless In Seattle" first. Just came to mind! We got "Shop Around the Corner" , "You've Got Mail" , "In the Good Old Summertime". I saw "You've Got Mail" first. Then I saw "Shop Around the Corner". A few weeks ago I saw "In the Good Old Summertime" for the first time. Lori
  20. I understand & agree about the remakes. I can't think of a movie remake (that I've seen) off the top of my head right now, but I can for a song. I first heard "Desperado" by Clint Black before The Eagles, & I like his version better. Lori
  21. I finally saw the 3 "That's Entertainment" shows. Such fun! I loved watching Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly dance together in part 2. I remember them dancing together in "Ziegfeld Follies". No words can describe watching the 2 best male dancers in movie history dance together. Those "Entertainment" shows were fun! Too bad they were only MGM shows. Tonight I plan to watch "That's Dancing" which will be (thankfully) more than MGM shows. I'm hoping in that to see Shirley Temple, James Cagney, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Footlight Parade, Elvis, John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever, Jane Powell
  22. Honestly, "The Story of Vernon & Irene Castle" is probably my least favorite of the Fred & Ginger movies. I didn't enjoy it as much as "Swing Time" or "Roberta" or "Follow the Fleet". Not with Ginger, but "Royal Wedding" was great! I wish I could remember which movie introduced me to Fred & Ginger, but I have no idea. I just remember always liking them. Lori
  23. Yes, I've read that. And such a great scene! About 8 minutes I believe. Lori
  24. "The Mark of Zorro" will be on TCM on Jan 12. I have the DVR set. Lori
  25. I just read this on TCM's Twitter page. I love "Crossing Delancey". Lori
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