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  1. Hmmmm....... Am I the only one that's noticed this topic gets bumped further back, even with 17+ pages of comments. Thought I would add a knock knock joke for the programmers, maybe bring a smile to their faces, but nobody seems to be at home......
  2. ......And we still haven't heard from anybody in the TCM ivory tower, where the programming is done, reply in this thread. As I previously mentioned, in days of yor in this thread, when the change happened, there's no way now to know when the Shorts or Documentaries are coming. The solutions others here have provided for movies are very helpful, Thank You! For the other genres, we're stuck. The local Comcrap doesn't provide the listings for them, either. Sure would be nice to get this fixed, or just put back the old guide until we can get a better improved version that gets beta tested b
  3. So.... Taking the suggestion of bombing social media, and being the type that doesn't use it, thought I would peruse google and see what other stories popped up about this topic. As the late, great Arte Johnson said: Nothing. Tried various search words, phrases and likely tags, nothing. Some links about other changes in the past, nothing current. Of course, the usual links to access the site, but nothing on this topic. I even tried more details, in stages, like this, "turner classic movies website guide update September 29th 2020 is getting bad reviews". Freaky. <cue
  4. Would really be nice if somebody from the TCM ivory tower would chime in and at least acknowledge the comments. Doesn't need to be an answer to the problem, or when it will get repaired, just something along the lines of "we hear you". A picture of the empty desk and chair where the app designer sat, maybe with some black smoke residue about, would be comforting... Just sayin.......
  5. Just a thought....... If the programmers still have the old web site on their servers, why not reinstate it for us, and then repair the new one, off line, and when done with their latest version, provide a beta test site or link for opinions? That way we could all be in our happy place, very soon, and the site designers could go wash off all the **** they've been getting and create a better site we ALL like.
  6. I program applications for home theaters, among other fun things, and could go through a list of improvements, but I'm sure they're getting an earful already. Some suggestions: Saw the great post about entering titles in the Search window, tried it, and it has an annoying setting, Auto Search. It needs to be set to respond to the ENTER key or have an ENTER button next the the Search window. Auto Fill is okay, but not Auto Search. It just slows things down for the user by trying to execute an ENTER command each time any letter is input. One my favorite shorts, TravelTalks, does not bring
  7. TCM , Agree with most of the comments. Hopefully they will help initiate changes, soon! I enjoy watching the Shorts and Documentary sections as well as the great movies. I can't find them anymore. Xfinity stopped showing them in their guide years ago, so the online is something I scan everyday. Really enjoy Travel Talks and some of the odd Shorts that show up. Also, being able to chose a genre from the previous Schedule colored categories was very handy. Look forward to hopefully seeing further improvements, SOON! Thanks for a great channel and all the work done at T
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