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  1. Well, this looks like an interesting thread... As such, I've actually watched 5 films in the last 5 days, so, I'll give it a go. Here are those 5 films and my thoughts on them... Exit Smiling (1926) – When it comes to silent comedies, I’m getting a bit tired of always going for Chaplin, Keaton, and Lloyd. In Exit Smiling, comedienne Beatrice Lillie does a wonderful job playing a maid trying to break into acting with a travelling theater troupe. As an actress, I understand Lillie really preferred the real-time feedback of a live audience, but she did make several films, the last being
  2. Just came across these links that somewhat "document" the json links umop found - they seem to be a subset of a larger project that includes persons, titles, etc. Interesting that you can get other formats, such as xml. Still has the same - as of now - Nov, Dec limitation in the schedule responses. https://api.tcm.com/tcmws/v1/schedule.html That same project is also available under a "turner" hostname... http://www.tcm.turner.com/tcmws/v1/schedule.html (Note: These links were sometimes a bit slow for me. Be patient...)
  3. Before umop so kindly shared those JSON links I was scraping the new monthly schedule and used the duration of a title for determining shorts. But, with the JSON links, I've commented that bit out for the moment, going back to using the genre field in the feed. And yeah, I get the occasional 9 minute documentary - I've just been dealing with them manually right now... One thing I do use, though, is the word "short" appearing in parens in an IMDb search - I've been using that to validate that I have the right title link in the search for a short... TCM's old site used to track that piece
  4. I've seen discussion about where the shorts went. They're still there.... No, they're not... Well, they are, but they're not all listed as such. Seems some "shorts" show up as a documentary. An 8 minute documentary? Really? Anyway, I think I'm seeing a pattern. It seems the "shorts" show up in the same genre IMDb uses. For example, The House is Black 2 am on 10/14 shows as a Documentary on both sites; Yours Sincerely 10:09 am 10/13 shows as a short on both sites. In the case where TCM doesn't use a particular genre, then it shows as General - for example I saw a "short" that IMDb lis
  5. Yes, earlier this year, Microsoft switched over to a Chromium based engine (aka Blink), with the initial release being version 79; mine just updated to 86. Even though it has a Chrome engine, though, it still reports itself as Edge in its user agent string. (Annnd... It looks like they're releasing a preview version of it this month for Linux. Get yours before they run out, OH... lol)
  6. Yes. Firefox (v43) and iPhone's Safari both show the correct times. I think it's clear they're doing something based on time zone and the same thing across all browsers. Interesting... Now that I see this site on the iPhone, it really doesn't look all that bad. I think it's clear they did this change to support the mobile market better. The thing is, though... I have a little experience with a drag/drop DIY web site builder - even THAT generated a web site that would adjust its format based on whether it was being consumed by a mobile device or desktop browser. I would have thou
  7. Wow... I see it at 11:30. I'm in Philly, PA. I also see they seem to have different formats depending on what browser I use. When I use Chrome, first it complains it doesn't recognize it, then I get a home page with the menu running vertically when I click the "hamburger" (3 small lines) in the upper left corner. But when I use Edge I don't get the hamburger, but rather a somewhat normal horizontal menu across the top...
  8. Oh, my gosh... I never realized all the folks in the central time zone did that one hour math in their head all of their lives. I guess being in the eastern time zone, I'm a bit entitled... : ( Anyway, when you saw the schedule for Vigil in the Night (1940) started at 8:30, was that the daily or monthly schedule? It's too late to see yesterday's daily, but it's listed as 7:30 in the current monthly. See below. I've been scheduling films via software using those JSON links above and it seems to be working fine time-wise. (As mentioned above I do see some of the "shorts" being gi
  9. I've only been here about a week and then only on this thread. I'm enjoying it - yet something else to do every morning while I'm getting my eyes open... One thing I noticed, though... I had originally posted a question (re TCM's programming API), saw that it was there, and then somehow it just vanished. Now, also somehow, I landed in this thread. I'm glad I did, it is appropriate, and again, it's fun. I guess it would have been nice to know what/how it happened... No notification. But then, sometimes that whoosh effect is part of the fun.... lol
  10. Thanks, again, for those links, umop. If anyone is interested, I've cobbled together a little Windows application that will pull a calendar from TCM's json-based interface and convert it to either HTML (web browser) or CSV (Excel). Screen shot included below. I've put it up on SourceForge and it's available here... https://sourceforge.net/projects/tcm-calendar/ Users: Click on the Download button. It will then download an executable (exe) file to your computer. These kinds of files (exe) are the ones that we're warned to stay away from. I did not put a virus in this file,
  11. Wow! Good find - thank you! It appears each individual "program" record is pretty much the same. Each query returns 30 days worth where the old API returned a single day. I can live with that, though. Thanks again! If anyone else is interested, here's a sample XML version of the JSON it returns - it's a bit easier to read.... http://curtisdehaven.com/misc/tcm/TcmJson.xml
  12. I also do some scraping on IMDb, but it's a pain IMHO... Last I looked IMDb has an api, but it requires a subscription. I don't know if you've ever checked it out, but as a (free) alternative I use TMDb. A lot (not all) of its information is identical to IMDb. One thing I find handy with TMDb's API is movie poster images. Their API is fairly well documented. You can find it here.... https://developers.themoviedb.org/3/getting-started/introduction
  13. No. With the old web site they also had a pseudo web service interface, an API... For example.... http://www.tcm.com/tcmws/v1/tcmnowSchedule/us/est/2020-10-1.xml I don't have any samples of what that would return, but I've cobbled something together that scrapes their new monthly schedule and creates the bits of the XML that I use. In other words, that URL used to return a superset of the XML found here.... http://curtisdehaven.com/misc/tcm/2020-10-1.xml It's a shame it's gone. It worked really well.
  14. I'm a computer software developer. Until yesterday, I had a computer program that would access TCM's programming schedule via its API and then send me a notification of any films I might be interested in. This morning I noticed it failing. Upon investigation I see the web site is also way different than the last time I looked. I guess the new look included getting rid of their API. : ( Does anyone else use the API or have any information as to whether it might come back? Thanks! Curt
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