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  1. Isn't that the most ridiculous comment ever. If I never apologized again to my wife, I would be an arrogant fool. I know it is only a line from a movie, but many in our society unfortunately get doctrine from movies, video games, etc.
  2. That is really cool and the type of commenting I enjoy on these forums. The fact that you actually interviewed Virginia Cherrill lends you deserved credibility. You have an insight to her and this movie that the rest of us can only speculate about.
  3. It can seem that way to us newer members, can't it?
  4. Yeah, that is the problem. Since I only watch TCM for old movies, those not readily available to them I wouldn't see. I have not seen the two movies you mentioned. I am with you on wanting a Joan Bennet month on TCM.
  5. I saw Lana Turner in Keep Your Powder Dry last night. I am glad I liked it since other recent Turner movies I had seen lately were not as appealing to me. I liked her participation in a movie during WWII that seemed to show her sense of patriotism. Of course, she was great in The Postman Always Rings Twice. I have seen segments of that lately and when I think of Lana Turner, I think of that movie.
  6. I would like to support you on this but unfortunately, out of the 300 TCM movies I have seen since retired over the last year, I can't really picture her in any of those movies. I have seen Little Women and Father of the Bride, but at my age, her appearance in those two movies elude me. Maybe if she were Star of the Month, it could help people like me get acquainted with her as she does have 97 acting credits on imdb.
  7. Then you would have to have Natalie Shafer in the same month as Jim Backus because what is Thurston Howell III without Lovie?
  8. I recall the first time I remember seeing John Garfield. I had the tv on and was trying to go to sleep when his movie came on where he was playing a man who owned a boat who got involved in smuggling from Mexico to California. I don't know the name of the movie. Suffice to say, I stayed awake to watch it and thought John Garfield was really good, although I had to look up who he was. I then watched The Postman Always Rings Twice and realized "So that is John Garfield." I have since become aware of him and like him very much in the movies I see him in.
  9. Excited about Doris Day for the month? I think so. I like that she plays a lot of wholesome type characters and she is fairly funny in the movies I remember her in. She is one of those actresses who is easy to like.
  10. I know he was pretty much a supporting actor, but how about Ward Bond as Star of the Month?
  11. After a month of Laurel and Hardy, I have concluded that they are my favorite comedians of all time. Give me a movie with them over Bing Crosby and Bob Hope any time!
  12. Amen to that! I am actually glad to move to whoever is Star of the Month in February because Miriam Hopkins has become the most irritating actor to me in the over 300 movies I have watched on TCM over the last year.
  13. I have been watching a lot of Miriam Hopkins as this is another month of her on TCM in January of 2021. I was growing increasingly irked by her always seemingly wanting the audience to "look at me" in every role she was in. The final straw for me tonight was in The Heiress where she really stood out against the other actors as hyper and over the top. If I saw this in her a couple of times, I could attribute it to possibly the role she was playing. However, the fact that she seems to desire so much attention in the vast majority of roles I have watched her in finally had me telling my wife "I a
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