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  1. I just watched Dracula. I had to wait until my wife went to bed as she has bad dreams pretty easily. Personally, I enjoyed it. I thought they played it well where you didn't have to see absolutely all of the horror elements such as the bites on the neck and the stake through the heart, etc.
  2. I watched the tribute to Robert Osborne the other day and I can't say that I get it. Granted, I have only been watching TCM for a year or two but from what I have seen, I prefer Ben to Robert.
  3. You TCM fans will get this. In the category of "Filmmakers" I can't help but say this: "A winemaker and a filmmaker are really not very different. They are both artists who leave a unique and indelible mark on their work."
  4. I just watched The Long Voyage Home It was mentioned in the commentary prior to starting the movie that the cameraman, Gregg Toland, implemented deep focus in this movie. One of Toland's claims to fame is his camera work in Citizen Kane. Apparently, this deep focus technique was used here prior to Citizen Kane and you can tell. I knew there was something different about how this movie looked, but I couldn't put my finger on it until I got this explanation. Besides John Ford's clausterphobic look in many scenes, this movie is shot with very sharp focus and excellent lighting throughout. I
  5. 1950's Wagon Train 1960's Green Acres 1970's Sanford and Son 1980's Dallas(was on the crew) 1990's Family Matters(was on the crew) 2000's Big Bang Theory(was on the crew)
  6. Greer Garson Maureen O'Hara Marjorie Main
  7. Ward Bond(everything) Robert Donat(Goodbye Mr Chips) Claude Raines(everything)
  8. I don't really have a choice at the moment. I just wanted to say that I was working at MGM studio in Culver City when Turner bought MGM mainly for the purpose of getting the film library and ultimately colorizing so many of the black and white classics. I remember us workers were outraged for the disrespect in altering "works of art" for Ted Turner's fancy.
  9. The playing of Sunrise Sunset during the wedding scene from Fiddler on The Roof.
  10. Watched The Long Voyage Home for the second time this week. I have also been watching the Greer Garson movies I recorded days ago.
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