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  1. ...plus Jane Darwell, Joanne Dru, James Arness...
  2. Casablanca Next: Concerned about plane crashing into ocean
  3. Although I already commented that Casablanca is the first movie that comes to mind on this topic, I think The Great Escape is up there too. With so many actors needed to fill out the number of prisoners needed plus the amount of military officers involved as well, it was the perfect movie to fill the ranks with name actors.
  4. I am definitely going Casablanca on this topic. To me, so many known actors had sizable contributions.
  5. Dan Duryea Next: Acted in movies they didn't want to do
  6. I agree. I have heard the character several times on Radio Classics on Sirius XM radio, so would look forward to seeing a movie bringing the radio character to visual life for me.
  7. Johnson, Jeremiah, played by Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson
  8. Concerning Johnny O'Clock, I felt I was watching a text book film noir. Like The Big Sleep, sometimes plot doesn't matter to me as long as I am seeing what is film noir. I think a couple of the noirs that Eddie has had on recently almost departed from classic noir, so I was glad to watch Johnny O'Clock.
  9. The Night of the Hunter-1955 In a Lonely Place-1950 The Third Man-1949
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