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  1. Natalie Wood Next: Rio Bravo(1959)
  2. Once again, I think age plays into another romance in Charade. Even though I think Cary Grant is very handsome at any age, there were times in this movie when a nearly 60 year old Grant looked old in comparison to a 34 year old Audrey Hepburn. Even though an earlier commenter was ok with this, and in many parts of the movie it was ok to me, there were enough moments where I was saying to myself, he is too old for her.
  3. Walter Pidgeon in Mrs. Miniver.
  4. Oh wow. I worked for him on Conspiracy Theory and Maverick. With Maverick, we were primarily on location outside of Lone Pine, Ca, the site of so many movies, primarily westerns.
  5. Leslie Caron is the common factor in two of my answers. I absolutely didn't buy Caron with Gene Kelly in An American in Paris. Also, Fred Astaire and Leslie Caron seemed too far apart in age in Daddy Longlegs.
  6. Oy! I hope Elon Musk doesn't risk it. My son, in his early 30's and finally in his career job, works for Elon and SpaceX and I hope for that to continue. Plus, I may be able to get a family discount once SpaceX's satellites are fully ready for their speedy internet, which is supposed to be outstanding.(Boy, am I selfish or what?)
  7. For the men, I like Ward Bond in everything. With all the movies he did coupled with Wagon Train, he certainly had enough roles to notice a stinker, which I haven't seen yet. Next would be Jimmy Cagney. I not only find his gangster roles excellent but also his dramatic roles and those as a dancer. Last, Barry Fitzgerald. I have seen him a great many times and, as someone I can not take my eyes off, always think he is good. For the women, always Greer Garson. I have loved and been convinced of her character in everything I have seen. Maureen O' Hara, same thing. Last, I like Natalie Wood i
  8. I didn't like the kind of romance of Ken Curtis and Vera Miles in the Searchers. Sure, it was a set up for a showdown between Ken Curtis and Jeffrey Hunter to see who will marry the girl, but it is somewhat implied that there was some kind of relationship between Ken and Vera while Jeffrey was off for months at a time. Ken Curtis' hick character and Vera Miles as an attractive young lady just kind of creeped me out picturing the two of them together as engaged and soon to be husband and wife. Also, Howard Hughes and any of the attractive young starlets he was coupled with. Sure, I may be
  9. Well this may not be traveling much but I live about two miles from Vasquez Rocks which has been featured in countless movies. Primarily known for being a location for westerns, The Flintstones was also shot there. So I will count a drive over there and an exercise walk as a Summertime Movie Travel.
  10. Coleen Gray was in Nightmare Alley with Bonnie Bannon.
  11. The one exception might be in The Searchers. I do think there was some chemistry with his sister in law(Dorothy Jordan?), even though there shouldn't have been. I think both the chemistry and the taboo of the relationship with a "reverend" in the room was punctuated by Ward Bond turning his head while Ethan Edwards and his sister in law shared a moment.
  12. I live in a semi rural part of northern Los Angeles County. I have had my power shut off over 20 times by Southern California Edison because of the threat of fire if there system fails again(why they shut off my power while it was raining because of "hazardous fire conditions" I will never know). Regardless, the threat of fire in these high desert hills is high and I was holding my breath all night that a neighbor's Fourth of July party would not include fireworks. It did not.
  13. I think it got past me as I have no clue about Against All Odds, so I only thought of Out of the Past. I definitely know of movies and tv shows shooting on the strand in Manhattan Beach but just am not familiar with Against All Odds. In hindsight, I guess it was kind of silly trying to picture Out of the Past locations on the strand. I went back and read the original statement and now see things clearly. I am in a running conversation with my wife whose computer is right next to mine so I claim the distraction is her fault!(haha)
  14. What part of Out of the Past was filmed on the strand in Manhattan Beach? I remember the movie being in three main places: Bridgeport, Lake Tahoe and San Francisco.
  15. I lived in the next town south, Manhattan Beach. El Segundo had worse references on Sanford and Son.
  16. You are right about the colors in homes, in the 70's. My parents covered up the beautiful natural wood flooring with an avocado green carpet. Then to not leave well enough alone, my mother painted much of the natural hardwood furniture an avocado green color and tried to brush stroke some textured look into it. Obviously today, the natural hardwood floors and genuine hardwood furniture are in and desirable. Our house, which was near the ocean, just south of LAX, had more of what I would guess as a middle America look and nothing like a beach area house.
  17. 20,000 Years in Sing Sing(1932)
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