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  1. Frank Sinatra Next: Wasn't taller than his female costars
  2. 3 Cheers For the Irish(1940)
  3. Avery, Ed-James Mason in Bigger Than Life(1956)
  4. Greer Garson departed from her mainly "lovely" look in such movies as Goodbye Mr. Chips, Random Harvest, Mrs. Miniver, etc. to get closer to the look of Eleanor Roosevelt. I liked both Bellamy and Garson in this.
  5. From what I have gathered, both Nimitz and MacArthur put different plans in front of FDR for his ultimate decision in how the fighting in the Pacific would go. Per memory, Nimitz was going to do a swing through more of the central part of the Pacific region which would cut off the Philippines and block the Japanese supply routes from southeast Asia. I seem to recall that that plan would likely have many less casualties. MacArthur wanted a definite land invasion to take back the Philippines and wanted to "return" which would make him the hero(why else do more as many "takes" as he did landing w
  6. I am not quite sure but I asked my wife and we both think a soft "g" is used. That's not to say there isn't variations with Hispanics, since we know all people don't pronounce it the same. All I can say is I have primarily heard a soft "g" used but I think people around here mainly say L.A.
  7. Robinson, Lt. Cmdr., played by Ward Bond in The Fighting Sullivans
  8. I have been born and raised and spent my whole life near L.A. I generally hear and use L.A., but if we were to say the whole word it would be Los An-gel-es.
  9. Elisha Cook, Jr was in Born to Kill with Lawrence Tierney
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