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  1. No, I wasn't referring to those things (although I like them too) . . . I don't believe those things have ever been listed. An example of what I meant: Let's say a movie ends at 20 minutes till 8' o'clock, and the next movie starts at 8. During that break, TCM will often play a short subject (such as a "Crime Does Not Pay" or a "Vitaphone Varieties" short) to fill the gap. The old online schedule would actually list the short subject as if it were a full-fledged movie, along with its exact starting time (e.g., 8:41). I found that very useful--many times I recorded the short instead of (or
  2. The shorts I was referring to are the "fillers" between movies. On Saturday mornings, the short subjects are featured--they're not "filler." Another thing I really miss are the trailers that were so easily accessible on the old site--they were often helpful to me in determining which movies not to miss!
  3. I miss the old website so much that I joined this forum just to commiserate and keep informed of any changes (of which I hope there will be many) to this new dumb-downed, bare-bones atrocity. To me it almost feels like an old friend suddenly passed away. A few years ago I was ecstatic when they started listing the "filler"(such as cartoons and short subjects) which helped make TCM the unique treasure trove that it was (and still is). But now there is no way to know when these rare gems will be shown. I would be willing to pay to have the old site back!
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