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  1. I never changed mine and I still receive no emails from them.
  2. Ok, I have given this new schedule a chance to be fixed. I like the one from last month better - no pictures needed, the shorts included, etc. I gave up that that would be fixed. It is now even worse. Before my biggest complaint was that I set it on Central time and the times still show Eastern. Ok, I would just subtract a freaking hour! Now today looking at the schedule the movie now playing at 5 am my time (Devotion with Ann Harding) shows on the schedule 7 am! You would think a simple thing like a freaking schedule would be easy to fix!
  3. Don't try to fix something that has worked. That is problem here. The Monthly Schedule is a disaster now. I like the old one. This one does not have the shorts, we don't need pictures. Also, when I check Central time it should STAY Central time. It is a pain you know where. Go back to the one from last month. I am disappointed in this new one. New is not always better. This is from a gal working for a company that received new and improved software last year. It is called Epic and the majority of the employees call it "The Epic Disaster". It something ain't broke, don't try to fix
  4. I do not like the new monthly schedule. One thing - we are on Central time. I change it but the times do NOT change. When the movie starts on Central time at 5 am, it still shows 6 am on the schedule. On the old one, when I changed it to Central time, it stayed on Central time too. The previous schedule was just fine. I really prefer they just charge us for a yearly guide that they mail. I liked those better than having to go to the computer to look up movies each time. The other sat by my chair. But I did learn to like the previous one. I don't care about pictures. Just give us
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