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  1. That's an amazing opportunity, but I will definitely miss Prof. Stewart if this is the end of her role with TCM. I like all the current hosts, and I think that they help to foster the feeling of community among TCM fans.
  2. Disco Elysium has noir elements. It is one of the most popular games of last year. It reminds me more of classic films than any video game that I've played before.
  3. I was surprised by how much I liked Cash on Demand. I was surprised it got the first spot, but I'm glad it did.
  4. I don't have much faith that American shamans from different political parties would be able to get together to protect both candidates from witchcraft, so it is good to know that the Peruvian ones are taking care of that for us.
  5. They are showing films by some of those women. Ida Lupino's Outrage is airing November 3. Yentl, directed by Barbra Streisand, is going to be on November 17.
  6. I can't believe it took me this long to notice that they don't have what is currently playing on the front page. Why? This is another thing about the change that makes no sense to me. I ended up looking at the TV Guide listings to see if it was worth going into Watch TCM to watch live, because it would take less time than going to TCM.
  7. Mine is The Tenant (1976). I thought it might have had a chance of making the schedule when they were airing Repulsion pretty regularly.
  8. I am glad they are showing What's the Matter with Helen? I love it, and I think I first saw it the last time she was SOTM. I am a little disappointed that they aren't showing The Visitor, even though it was kind of a long shot. That there is no Night of the Hunter is a bit of surprise. It is one of my favorite films, and I don't think they've shown it at all this year. I think the first week will end up being my favorite, but I should really make an attempt to see Lolita. I don't know how I have managed to not see it yet.
  9. I think TCM shows the Shout!Factory remaster of Black Christmas, which I think is worth a watch even if you've seen the movie before. The improved colors really amps up the Christmas atmosphere. I hope they have the remasted version of Detour. I've been considering buying it, but I'd like to get a good look at it first. Since I'll be home this New Year's Eve, I might watch the Thin Man marathon. I haven't seen them in order yet. I am especially looking forward to Evil Under the Sun, Mourning Becomes Electra, Lady on a Train, and The Burglar. Hopefully, I'll manage to see Bell, Book and Ca
  10. If I decided I was going to watch Reefer Madness for a third time, I would opt to watch the colorized version again. They made the smoke different colors, and I thought it was kind of fun. I would rather not watch it again at all, but it's the only movie other than Babes in Toyland that I think I would prefer to watch in color.
  11. Thank you! That makes much more sense than what is on the web schedule. Even though they usually show movies I've seen many times, I always tune into TCM for at least a few hours the Saturday closest to Halloween to get into a festive mood.
  12. I'm another one that joined because I needed to talk about this with someone. I cannot imagine looking at the schedules on my phone. I am already annoyed with the extra seconds that it takes for things to load, and I'm on my gaming computer. Did they really remove listings from the TCMdb page for a movie? I keep looking at different movies and seeing that they aren't there, but it is such a strange choice that I can't believe it. I will still go to them to see the articles, but most of the reason for going to TCM instead of IMDB is gone without the listings and user reviews. On
  13. What is going on with Halloween's schedule? They have Them!, The Haunting, and Dr. Strangelove on twice. I was joking earlier today that it is probably my fault that TCM always has The Haunting on since I keep watching it, but this is a bit much even for me.
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