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  1. Hey, thanks! I was wondering if it was something like that. Thanks for clarifying it for me.
  2. Strangers on a Train runs 101 minutes. Why is it being shown within a 96 minute stream?
  3. Wondering why THE DEVIL'S BRIDE (aka. The Devil Rides Out) wasn't put in the streaming bank. It was shown live, but no streaming. Is this a glitch? A legal thing with certain films?
  4. What he said was that Hammer made a few non-horror thrillers to try to cash in on the success Universal had had with Psycho. A curious thing to say, regardless of the company sited. But, yes, it was released by Paramount. They didn't produce it. But Paramount would clearly be the company to site in that situation, not Universal.
  5. One of my pet peeves is when someone mistakenly says that PSYCHO was a Universal film. It was a Paramount release. Universal just has the house on its lot. Dave Karger made this mistake in his post-film comments for CASH ON DEMAND. We all make mistakes, Dave. I still look forward to your commentary.
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