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  1. THAT'S IT!!!! 😂 We actually have that on blu-ray, but my wife and I had not yet gotten around to watching it! (we're only in our late 20s, so we're new to classic film/film noir and are just begininng to watch all these great movies) I just ordered a copy of it for my father-in-law. Thank you lavenderblue19 for solving the mystery! 😀
  2. Hi everyone! I am trying to help my father-in-law find a movie we watched a few years ago, but can't remember the title. He thinks it is a film noir movie, but not 100% certain. It could be just a thriller/crime movie. I caught the tail-end of the movie with him, so I never knew (or don't remember) the title. Essentially, the movie is about a man (possibly ex-con, or a criminal in general) who is in love with a woman, and they run away with each other. They end up in some sort of "ghost town", abandoned mining town, or old abandoned town in general; living there for some time (t
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