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  1. I just hate the rat-a-tat "music." Also the squiggles and neon colors. It feels like The Powers That Be took the makeover project to some company, and said, "Give us a new look," and the company made everything the same, thinking to create a unified thing. But the problem is, TCM is not a Taco Bell or a Bank. As Overeasy mentioned, there are countless themes and different sorts of films to be enjoyed--Noir, Comedy, Musicals, Documentaries, History, Silent Movies etc etc... The new style of the channel seems completely inappropriate, in my opinion. And one more thing--instead of the constantly
  2. The Everything Old is new Again thing I find hard to fathom. "Young" viewers may not know who the "old" actors are or what their roles signify. I don't see them making meaningful connections between the old and new, at least not as presented in this ad thing. And frankly, if I were "young," I would probably be put off by a slogan telling me how to understand something.
  3. "Mon Oncle Antoine," about a boy growing up in French Canada, has a lot of snow, particularly toward the end of the movie, with that arduous sled journey. Also, "The Snow Walker" about another arduous journey, this time with a Native woman, in Canada. This one is very moving!
  4. In general, I hate the changes. I really dislike the way the scene moves behind the hosts. I don't mind the look of the scenes, but I hate the movement, and I too wonder if the backgrounds are even real! As for the rest, I hate the bright neon colors, the squiggles, and the awful music that sounds like computer-generated noise. Particularly the music leading up to Ben's intros--I hear that rat-a-tat non-music, I see the neon colors and seizure-inducing motion, and always imagine, "News at Ten, with Ben Mankiewicz!" because it looks like a local news broadcast. I'm still not sure how any of thi
  5. Don't know if it was mentioned, but the mini series Fosse/Verdon shows a lot of what went on in the production of Cabaret. One thing I found interesting was that Gwen Verdon was involved and had a helpful influence on the look of the film.
  6. Did I read that EGR was supposed to be a Rabbi, but he wound up being an actor instead?
  7. Oh, I really like Diary of a Country Priest. It has a gritty New Wave feel, and I do love French cinema. Because of the black and white, and the direct style, it feels realistic. Maybe that's what Skimpole means by tough.
  8. Also, may I add The Nun's Story starring Audrey Hepburn.? I may get yelled at for this, but while I love Audrey Hepburn the person, I don't really care for her movies--a little too precious, in my opinion. But I do like The Nun's Story. She does a great and convincing job portraying a refined European women who gravitates toward the religious life. Her family is baffled by her choice, but she feels she must do this, and you really believe in the portrayal of her difficult journey.
  9. I really like The Miracle. It's a little weird to see such a sexy lady as Carroll Baker playing a novice nun, but I love that actress, and it really works. It sort of turns into a sweeping travelogue type movie, but I really like it!
  10. Speaking of Vietnam movies, I wouldn't mind a series showing nuanced movies about it--Coming Home, Born on the Fourth of July, things like that. They probably wouldn't go there, though. Might seem too unpatriotic or something.
  11. Percy Faith! Makes me think of my parent's hi-fi set, how they'd drink Manhattans and discuss the latest Broadway plays....
  12. I must confess a guilty fondness for A Summer Place. Even though the story gets a little fraught and troubling at times, it still feels comforting to watch it. Must be the wide screen, bright colors, Nelson Riddle music etc--a '50's soapy vibe that is nostalgic. I also love watching the '50's Douglas Sirk melodramas. I guess, in general, the big sweeping '50's dramas are a secret pleasure of mine.
  13. I was wondering...it almost looks as if the background is moving independent of the hosts. Does that make sense? It looks like the hosts are standing still, facing the camera, but the background is sliding back and forth all on its own. I think that's why it makes me seasick. If the hosts' angle changed, along with the background, if it looked real, I don't think it would cause my queasiness. Is this some snazzy visual trick they do?
  14. I'm open minded in general, but there are a few actors I can't enjoy at this point. One is Peter Lawford! It is said that he had something to do with the death of Marilyn Monroe. Of course it's part of a theory, but it bothers me, and I guess his acting never really grabbed me anyway. Another is Charlie Sheen. Too many icky things involving him make me not interested in his work. But there are quite a few actors I have to just accept, because their work is so impressive. Many of them were narcissists, in my observation, something I have a lot of family experience with,
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