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  1. I saw it and enjoyed it. I especially liked the musical number by the girl named Lita. She had a great voice, and it was fun to watch her.
  2. Also, call me a sea sick wuss, but I can't watch Ben's intros with my eyes open. I close my eyes and listen to his words, but I just can't tolerate the slowly moving background.
  3. I hate that all the jazzy intro things with the black background and the neon squiggles all look alike. Intros for all the hosts appear the same to me, with no indication of personality or anything. Why do it this way? Looks like some corporate all-sweeping branding for a bank.
  4. I like movies set around 1900--Meet Me in St. Louis is perfect. Or those Doris Day movies where she's a small town sweetheart. Also, even though it's lurid and disturbing--King's Row where Bob Cummings is a smart young lad in turn of the century Missouri. I guess it's nostalgia for a simpler time of life. Basically they had everything we have, except for computers, but the pace is slower and you have time to notice all the thing around you.
  5. Alas, my birds Alfred and Bruce have passed on. Also my beloved Java finch Dick. The keets hated Dick! Now I have 2 cats instead. But I digress--thanks, Jamesjazguitar, for the information. Seems like there are a lot of familiar-looking films popping up on Movies! It's probably more than a coincidence.
  6. I was surprised to see The Hustler on again tonight, when it was just shown the other night, as hosted by Ben and the retired fireman. At least I think it was. I'm pretty sure Ben said it was coming on after To Kill A Mockingbird. Wonder why it's being shown again so soon, this time hosted by Dave Karger. On a side note, does anyone know if the channel Movies!Tv Network is owned by the same company? I watch it a lot, and while they repeat their own movies quite a bit, they seem to show a lot of the same ones as TCM.
  7. For me the solution is to close my eyes when Ben does his intro and outro in front of the slowly moving, nausea-inducing eternal crawling of the scenery. If I watch the screen, all I can concentrate on is the motion behind him. So I close my eyes which at least keeps me from talking about how much I hate the constant movement.
  8. I'm in Chicago, and our guide says the same thing--Rosy Ridge from 2:30 till 9:00. Also, the movies listed after that are yesterday's movies, about Mike Nichols.
  9. I love her. She is so cool.
  10. I agree with all your comments. My main beef, though, is the constantly turning background behind Ben during his intros and outros. All the rest I can live with, even if I don't like it. I just hate this constant movement behind Ben. Even when they show the photos of the actors when Ben is talking about them, there are graphic squiggles moving constantly behind the photos of the actors. I just want to relax and listen to what Ben is saying. Not clench myself in anticipation of when the camera will turn back in the other direction.
  11. Well, this is pathetic, but my husband and I spent the whole of Ben's intro to the first Paul Robeson movie tonight complaining loudly to each other about how we hate the constantly moving background behind Ben. As a result, we didn't hear a word Ben said about Paul Robeson. Usually we can't wait to hear what Ben says, but now I'm so distracted, I can hardly stand to watch.
  12. I could live with one sweep, but this back and forth has got to go. It literally makes me feel seasick.
  13. I have always loved the music of this great composer. The music is beautiful, fairly cheerful, and transports one to a far away and wonderful place.
  14. Until now, my husband and I have watched most of Ben's introductions before movies, because we love his style and information, even if we're not going to watch each film. We still love Ben's style and information--the problem is the way the scenery behind him, in this new style, moves slowly back and forth, inducing queasiness! I kind of like the colors. The scenery is fine, but I hate the constant motion behind the speaker. To me, the slowly moving scenery is distracting. I want to hear what the host is talking about, but I find myself clenching inwardly, waiting for the slowly moving scene t
  15. Maybe they could show that one for a late-night Friday movie! I just thought of another one about a known painter--"Mr. Turner" about the great English landscape painter. It has sex, history, humor and pathos.
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