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  1. Maybe someone here knows the answer--I've seen The Bad Seed (the '50's Patty McCormack version) more than once, but each time I viewed it, it seemed like the endings were different. In one, little Rhoda keeps lying to everybody and you get the feeling she will go off into the sunset with her oblivious dad, and I think mom died? But another time I saw it and Rhoda runs off in the last scene to re-visit the pier where her classmate drowned and a giant lightning bolt streaks out of the sky right on top of Rhoda! Did I make all this up? So confused....
  2. So at the end of the movie, does the detective believe Charlie and her thoughts about her uncle being the real killer? I mean he should believe her but does he? I just wan't sure. Also, it's really nice to have a group like this that knows what I'm even talking about!
  3. I love the look of this film and the general creepiness, but I keep thinking some of it doesn't make sense. Maybe someone here can help. Toward the end of the film, a newspaper reveals that the supposed killer was killed himself by a plane propellor. So everything is all right. But then of course the uncle tries to push Charlie off a train. He is indeed the killer. Did the detectives think the killer was killed by the propellors? If so, why would the one handsome detective believe Uncle Charlie assaulted his niece? Or did he even know that? If he knew who the real killer was, who would he say
  4. And also, it seems even after I change the Time Zone to Central, the times of the movies shown for the day are shown in Eastern, not Central. So it's hard to tell when the movies are on in my time zone. Maybe they can fix that. I hope so.
  5. The time zone thing is baffling. Don't see why it can't stay with the right zone once you tell it which one you prefer. I get a little tired of trying to figure out what the times are for the movies.
  6. I think someone else mentioned it, but it's a bit annoying that the time zone always reverts to Eastern, even though I change it to Central when I come here.
  7. Yes, very gross. But didn't that main guy have a big needle he was about to inject into his girlfriend?
  8. In Terror Island, it looked liked the main guy was about to kill his girlfriend with a big hypo needle as the creatures approached. I guess he thought that would be helpful. I'd have trouble feeling warmly toward him, though, if I knew he was trying to end it all for me. Kind of patronizing, in my opinion.
  9. I miss the banner thing that appeared right before the evening movies. It told you at a glance what the theme for the night was--Bette Davis movies, Beautiful San Francisco, whatever. If that information is there now, I'm not seeing it.
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