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  1. Yeah, who knew James Stewart could play drunk so well? That scene constantly comes up during TCM's Scene It game and it always makes me laugh. For me, Nick and Nora. Although the scene where Nick Jr. makes his father drink milk was pretty great, the rest of that sort of... wasn't. Gary Cooper and Fredric March in Design For Living, when Gilda leaves them both alone in the apartment. That one had me rolling with laughter. They were both so funny. "I refuse to be silly." On the other end of the spectrum for Fredric, A Star Is Born was so painful to watch. "His work is beginning to interf
  2. > Did the studio do this to Orson with LADY FROM > SHANGHAI as well? Something like 50 minutes cut out, > right? Yeah, it was something like 2 and a half hours. Back on topic, yay! I only saw this once a couple years ago. It would be great to own it (with a bunch of extra features!)
  3. Thanks! I'm going through and adding everything to my calendar. It's just fun to have the marathon.
  4. Count me in with all of you. Will we find out if they'll reschedule the Robert Montgomery movies? I was looking forward to Hide Out and, well, all of them!
  5. Second to the Peter Lorre. I'm fairly new to TCM and missed the October they had for him. It would be nice to actually see/record a quality print of the harder-to-find films -- Crime And Punishment, I Was An Adventuress, Crack-Up, Der Verlorene, and more than the one Mr. Moto that's already on DVD. Fredric March -- I'm not sure if there's already been one for him or even if there is enough available to fill a whole month, but Nothing Sacred, Design For Living and Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde are some of my favorite movies. I'd love to finally see The Royal Family of Broadway. Count me in fo
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