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  1. A lot of these Disney movies are very enjoyable for both kids and adults, which was the beauty of them. Younger kids wouldn't be shocked or upset by the content and older kids and adults wouldn't be bored. "The Absent-Minded Professor" and its sequel "Son of Flubber" are some of my favorites. One I haven't seen in a long time (it's an odd one) is "Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N," with Dick Van Dyke as a modern-day Robinson Crusoe.
  2. I wanted to bring up this rare movie from 1969 or 1970, "12 + 1," also known as "The Thirteen Chairs." It's about a man, played by Vittorio Gassman, who inherits seemingly worthless chairs from his aunt. After he sells them, he discovers there is a fortune in jewels concealed in one chair's upholstery and sets out to find it. Also featured are Sharon Tate (her final film), Orson Welles, and Terry-Thomas. Apparently it did not do well at the box office (although from what I've seen it's pretty good) and has not been widely seen since. Surprisingly, TCM does not even have it listed in its database.
  3. la_fleur


    I really like a lot of the live-action Disney movies from the '50s and '60s - especially "The Absent-Minded Professor" with Fred MacMurray, "The Parent Trap," "The Shaggy Dog," and "The Moon-Spinners" with Hayley Mills. I definitely prefer the old animation to the new computer animation. There's no comparison! My favorite animated Disney movies are "Alice in Wonderland," "101 Dalmations," and "Snow White."
  4. For fun, light older movies, check out the "Road to" series with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby and the Doris Day & Rock Hudson films ("Pillow Talk," "Lover Come Back," and "Send Me No Flowers"). I also like "That Touch of Mink" with Doris Day and Cary Grant. Some of my favorite Hitchcock movies are "Rear Window," "To Catch a Thief," and "Psycho."
  5. I agree with what everyone else has been saying! If the classics are good, why release a lousy re-make? This has been happening more and more in the past few years, which shows that creativity in Hollywood has taken a nosedive. Think of "King Kong," "Fun with Dick and Jane," "Cheaper by the Dozen," and now "The Pink Panther" just in the past few months. There have also been tons of sequels and book-based movies ("The DaVinci Code," "Harry Potter"). I was quite unhappy when I heard about "The Pink Panther" re-make. Peter Sellers was brilliant and there is no way another actor could do a better job in the role of Clouseau. From what I have seen on commercials, it appears that Steve Martin is just trying to copy Sellers right down to the fake French accent and the mustache. The new movie also appears to consist of mostly slapstick/action, which, although present, did not dominate the original films. My point is, instead of putting a different spin on a classic, in nearly all cases, they just try to copy it and in the process ruin it. The 1960s TV series "Get Smart" is supposed to be re-made in movie form in the next year and I'm not anxious to see what they do with that. There is only one case in which I liked a re-make as much as the original - the 1960s remake of "My Favorite Wife" (from 1940 with Irene Dunne & Cary Grant), called "Move Over, Darling" (with Doris Day and James Garner). Neither one is a serious movie, but the 1960s version is a little lighter.
  6. I like silly, light comedies like "Eight on the Lam" with Bob Hope, Phyllis Diller, and Jonathan Winters. Or the "Road to" series and the Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies. It makes me mad when movies like this are shoved aside as "not real film" - hey, they make me happy! I was watching a biography of Cary Grant and they went into great detail about his great dramatic roles like "North by Northwest," but just mentioned the titles of his "lesser" movies like "Father Goose" and "Operation Petticoat." I really like those movies!
  7. My favorite is "A Night to Remember." It is quite accurate, historically, and is interesting to watch. I think the 1950s "Titanic" with Clifton Webb seems to be happening in the 1950s, not 1912! That's the same problem I have with the 1997 version - many of the characters have 1990s attitudes. I'm not too fond of the storyline, either. But all three have strong points.
  8. Has anyone else seen movies in the Matt Helm series starring Dean Martin? I think they fall somewhere between action and comedy. They were pretty weak, overall, but are interesting to watch. I believe there were four of them - The Ambushers, The Wrecking Crew, The Silencers, and Murderers' Row based on books of the same titles. The Wrecking Crew is one of the few films which starred Sharon Tate.
  9. I remember a Bob Hope movie, probably from the 1940s, where he is a traveling entertainer, I believe. He travels on either a ship or a train and has a pet penguin with him. Does anyone else remember this film? Thanks!
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