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  1. 1 . Rebecca. 2. Suspicion 3. Shadow of a Doubt 4. Marine 5. Rope
  2. Their not the only ones a lot of people have been talking this like she was going to live forever, it started in 2016 when it seemed like celebrities were dropping like flies and then Trump won the election the stupid protect Betty White thing, but very sad and what a incredible life she lived.
  3. Who was the guy doing the voice over and what happened to him ?
  4. Tom halland is box office poison outside of playing spiderman his films don't do well, this and the biopic no one asked for and not even Fred Astaire wanted.
  5. You may want to check out blu ray.com, I didn't see a box set but the have all 24 of his films.
  6. I know they recently showed some of his movies on tcm, I watched walkabout again really sorry to hear this. Rip
  7. Yes, the end credits that's what I meant a certain characters mission that's the direct connection.
  8. You can watch Notorious for free on youtube that's the best I can do for you.
  9. It picks up after the Black Widow end credits.
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