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  1. The detailed synopsis should contain the information about an animal's death or what does happen . This is missing in The Greatest Show on Earth. I would record a film in which an animal has an important role.
  2. on my pc the choices are off to the rigt up and down . Can't say if the new db has shortened synopses other than it looks that way
  3. not to nit pick but I see a large amount of material under notes but not anything by the way of buttons under the picture. I like my classification as newbie, I'm about as new to film as Rip Van Winkle was to nap time.
  4. I just compared the Wikipedia synopsis page with that on the TCM data base for The Greatest Show on Earth and the Wiki is better. Neither one points out that Buttons gives up his dog to a girl at the end., that's the kind of plot point that is essential for me. Have a sense that the new synopses are not up to the mark. If so a meaningful loss. I do like the way the channel is showing more lesser known titles. Seems to me the only times the station would roll out obscure pieceswas on on the star of the month times or occasional 30;s bland drawing room dramas and romances. SD
  5. thanks that seems to be it tho the length of the plot lines seems shorter than on the old data base . Some of those synopses were very detailed .
  6. Thanks to Topbilling I now can find short subjects on a monthly schedule and the synopses for a day's film but I from time to time have used the TCMmdb for detailed synopses of various films. Only net page speaks of beta version early in 2020. Is it online anywhere , how to access it ? thanks Stephen
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