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  1. Whenever I hear someone "damn" something, I have to say, "too late!" Marty Feldman to Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein, answering the line, " Damn your eyes!"
  2. We have moons and cicadas here too! Fewer wolves than coyotes. 17 year cycles, so '21 is the tenth brood?
  3. Alicia's guest Kim M. something, (sorry i can't remember), from (something reporter) something, looks familiar. Is she an actress ? Has her face been in some advert's or on T.V. commercials?
  4. Superb! I'm typin thru my tears , laffin' ! the look on steigers face could be just before he starts to crack-up!
  5. Hey! I didn't know someone had a camera at my last party! So, Edgar Bergen had a better face for his RADIO show, eh?
  6. Hey, that's a nice car! So are the shock-abs. spring loaded? Like springs inside clickey pens, or slow like hydraulic spring shocks on the suspension? I never had to investigate the "innards" of these, even though I've worked on cars most of my life. It just seemed funny I don't know about how these work. B.T.W. , I recently saw Ed Begley and Harry Belafonte crammed into an Austin- Healy roadster, quite cool, and swoopy compared to E.B.'s mopar sedan,(de soto?). Chit chat about an upcoming bank-job might have been easier filmed in in the huge ,comparatively roomy dark sedan. A
  7. Slaton, Great photo but I thought Dargo meant "AFTER I retired from the airlines" . Dargo; I spent many of my teens & twentys summers volunteering at SCCA meets at Road America, as a corner worker. Watching out for those guys and teams, thrashing the real cars of that era like yours, I envied their circumstance. Thanks for reviving those memories!
  8. There are a few "topolinos" regularly racing at my local "Dragaway". Heavily modified, huge, powerful engines, Very fast! There are many more Fiat 500s dragracing worldwide.
  9. ...and, Oh yeah' "Tis the time for another beer, Man!
  10. How about every time Leo Gorcey smacks Huntz Hall with his hat?
  11. Most, probably made into "gassers" or "altereds" since the '50's.
  12. Well, OK , I just read about 5 pages of that 27 or so pages of that '14 thread, I guess this is old stuff and none to interesting. I'm goin' back to read the rest and callin' it over. thanks for the link!
  13. I'm new to this site , and haven't read lots of these threads, but I've been watching old movies and TV shows for many years, since TCM was new and I had cable. I just wondered if anyone else tries to identify automobiles on the screen. Cars can, or should, have starring credits in some movies. One that comes to mind quickly is, Topper. That custom bodied, supercharged Cord roadster, Cary Grant smashed, and Topper had fixed. Does anyone else out there follow the backgrounds to try to I.D. cars for make , model and year? I've seen the movies often enough to be able to search the backgrounds wi
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