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  1. I can't wait the reaction that some of you will have when you watch "Kika". I have yet to watch Dark Habits, What I have Done to Deserve This? and Matador so I can't speak for those films.
  2. The name escapes me but something to do with a Genie or Ghost that was helping one of the Bowery Boys against a gang.
  3. She was awesome in that film.
  4. I believe that all of Almodovar films will be replaced on TCM Canada.
  5. So are you telling me that you are not a fan of Almodovar films? 😀 It's not any different with some of the film choices TCM Underground airs and is not like it aired during Primetime. I love Almodovar films but it's not for everybody especially his early films which Pepi, Luci, Bom and Labyrinth of Passion were. Different strokes for different folks. Lowering standards! That's laughable.
  6. You should have been in Canada Lori, as TCM Canada instead of airing the Laurel and Hardy shorts and films, they aired the Bowery Boys films instead. Sorry I'm not a fan.
  7. As Canadians, we are limited as to what they can air as we missed out on the Laurel and Hardy (most of the shorts and movies with a few exceptions) and now we are missing the Almodovar films for TCM Imports. There were other examples too the past few months. The past couple of months TCM has been airing a lot of the Hitchcock films so I'm not craving for that. I wish whether it be on TCM Underground or on their regular schedule, they can focus on HK Horror, Martial Arts or Action movies from the 70's or 80's.
  8. I love this film but I can see why people will have issues with TCM airing this. But it does fit the theme of the night.
  9. I watched Pepi, Luci, Bom and Other Girls Like Mom and Labyrinth of Passion last night. I enjoyed the first film more than the latter one.
  10. I'm very glad that TCM is airing early Almodovar's films as there are quite of few in his early filmography that I have yet to watch.
  11. Please, oh please, air Kika (1993) here in Canada too. That's one of his movies that I don't have and it rarely airs because of the subject matter.
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