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  1. South Park called them the Hardly Boys. Hilarious episode.
  2. So there was no need for you to make stuff up.
  3. Was Elizabeth Taylor in it?
  4. She was probably drunk the entire time.
  5. You must be really insulted. You've started repeating yourself.
  6. I used to love collecting record albums. Had hundreds. But my heart would break with every new pop or tick or manufacturing defect that would become audible. It was frustrating beyond belief. I still have a couple hundred vinyls stored away and a direct drive JVC turntable to play them on, but I never do. I've replaced the favorites with remastered CDs. and plan to get around some day to recording the lesser albums to CD on my Pioneer CD recorder. But it's work and I no longer feel the compulsion to do any work.
  7. Democrats and liberals think coming up with more words to describe basic concepts that need no further elucidation makes them sound smarter, and therefore more "expert". But it just makes them sound pretentious and ultimately ridiculous.
  8. Did he ever! Really makes one wonder, doesn't it?
  9. Savergirl did not say that nor did she imply it. She just complained about the new style in addition to the showing of the same movie so soon. Nowhere does she say anything about now hating TCM and never watching it again. For "melodrama", one need look no further than your reaction to her post.
  10. The best of the series. The only one that really moves me emotionally.
  11. My favorite comedian of all time. I watch videos of him on YouTube every day. Every day. It's just about the only thing left on YT that's worth watching anymore. This is saddening beyond description.
  12. Sounds like going to the theater has become theater in and of itself.
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