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  1. Anyone can come here, I was just wondering if anyone was my age around here. On the topic of silent films, I like them. Not that long ago, I watched the silent 'Phantom of the Opera". I liked it better than the 1943 (?) version.
  2. I'm an Olivia fan! What's ironic is, in "Gone With the Wind", her character was the first of the four main stars to die. In the real world, she' s the last of them left.
  3. I love Cary Grant, too. Sweetheart, not only did he melt into his character, he melted into my heart!
  4. WOW! A lot of you responded to this topic! I'm 14, and I basically grew up loving classic films because my grandmother watched TCM all the time when I was little.
  5. That's really thoughtful of you, 1lady. Don't worry, we'll be safe.
  6. I LOVE classic movies, but none of my friends do. I was just wondering if there were any other people my age on here that appreciated classics... It would be cool to talk to other teens about their prospective (sp?) on old movies.
  7. Oh! I know what you mean about Robert Taylor without the moustache!
  8. While most teenage girls are out mooning after Ashton Kutcher, my heart's in the grave with Larry Olivier and Clark Gable..... Heart-throbs. *dream-land* Actors today just aren't what they used to be. *sigh* Someone once asked me who I thought to be the sexiest star, and I replied, "Sir Olivier", and they looked at me like I was crazy... My favorite leading lady is, of course, Vivien Leigh. She's absolutely my idol; the only reason I've continued acting after I was removed from the cast of a play not that long ago is because I thought of Vivien dahling..... Message was edited by:
  9. I would like to see a month devoted to my idol, Vivien Leigh dahling! She was a phenomenal (sp?) actress, and my inspiriation. If y'all TOATLLY disagree with me about Vivien dahling, then how about Larry Olivier? Or Clark Gable? *drifting away to dream world*
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