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    Love watching old movies (ALL of Them), Outdoors activities (fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, campfires etc etc), learning new things. And trying to stay positive in a negative world.

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  1. I would like to see any of Georges Melies films or more Greta Garbo silent films
  2. I remember when silents aired on like Tuesdays, during the day. There are times now during the week randomly they show silent films. But I agree having to wait so late on a Sunday no less just to watch 1 hour and some for a silent movie then the rest of the night/morning is imports. Which I like too (some of them) They also only show The Jazz Singer at 3am.
  3. How many other people have one tv in a room that is constantly playing TCM? For me that is what my living room tv is always on.
  4. Hello Yeasandi I'm wondering how did you get your background? Thanks, Mabel.

  5. William Powell (who is one of my most favs) AND Clark Gable (another of my favs) only did one movie together but their co-star Myrna Loy the both of them done several movies with. It would have been nice to see those two in more than just one movie
  6. I hope I am wording this right because I truly am not trying to I guess offend you, I really do want to understand. I guess I grew up knowing violence so seeing it in film has never really bothered me
  7. Wondering on your comment of not liking movies with that much violence. Do you not believe that kind of violence really existed or still does exist?
  8. Watched To Be or Not To Be But would also Love if they showed Joan of Arc and Metropolis I have not seen those
  9. I guess no one in the Little Rock, Arkansas area has a fan group huh????
  10. I know we just finished 31 days of Oscars but now it is Sunday night and I am wondering where my silent Sunday night movie is followed by TCM Imports??? This was the highlight of my whole weekend waiting for what new silent movie and foreign movie to be aired.
  11. Is that a gun in your mouth???? Because even us dumb Arkansans KNOW not to stick a gun in their mouths.
  12. I am so sorry for replying not to be a butt but it kinda hurt ya know, Also my husband ALWAYS says that "We don't need no stinking badges" Maybe I posted in haste but it did hurt that last remark. And I tried to post it in a nice way i thought. It makes me so happy that YOU understood why I replied that, Thank you. You are so knowledgeable on these movies and I just post how I FEEL so please I will welcome any reply from you to any post I do and promise not to call you a butt anymore lol.
  13. You are exactly right but not in the thought it offended me to being that old for I wish I could have watched it at that time in theaters to fully appreciate the two endings. I just know how I felt in this time to the two different endings. But yes it felt like a jab at my inexperience/knowledge of such things
  14. Wouldn't JAMES be a male????? That was my fathers name and he was male
  15. To ALL that had such a hard understanding of WHY I first commented please don't be a butt, maybe I am not as smart as the rest of ya'll, but yes me being a newbie what he/she said (sorry for labeling one for another cause who knows) in one aspect I was very appreciative of the information they posted, very appreciative. But also it hurt kinda like a jab at my inexperience/lack of knowledge. Am I not supposed to have feelings on the forum?????? I guess the ones who do not understand have never known what it is like be not be as knowledgeable and have always known what is what. Have you never
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